MyStudio PS5 Portable Table Top Photo Studio Lightbox Kit with 5000K Lighting for Product Photography

MyStudio PS5 Portable Table Top Photo Studio Lightbox Kit with 5000K Lighting for Product Photography

Price: $109.00


  • Brand: MyStudio
  • Color: Fluorescent
  • Manufacturer: MyStudio
  • Model: PS5
  • Weight: 550


  • Uniquely portable all-in-one tabletop photo studio provides superior results to photo tents, cubes and other light boxes
  • 24-inch wide seamless white background provides a perfect soft, seamless background for photos
  • 5000K color-corrected 'daylight' lighting ensures perfect color on your subject - no flash or additional lighting required
  • Additional colored backgrounds can be purchased and easily used with this setup
  • Made in the USA
  • Uses 110V/120V light fixture. 220V - 110V VOLTAGE CONVERTER REQUIRED for use in countries with 220V/240V power (e.g. Europe, Australia, etc.)


The new MyStudio PS5 PortaStudio is the first truly portable photo studio from the makers of the extremely popular and award winning MS20 and MS32 professional tabletop photo studios. Unlike other portable systems that fold, collapse and/or have seams that have to be edited out later, the PS5 PortaStudio features a 24” x 60” flexible single piece white background that wraps around the product from top to bottom. This provides a high quality, seamless infinity background without compromising shooting angles. The lighting system included with the PS5 features continuous 5000K “daylight” fluorescent lighting which provides soft, accurate light and is the preferred lighting method for product photography by professional photographers. This is different from other systems that simply include standard lights which must be positioned individually and are not color-corrected. The new PS5 is also priced very competitively with the less professional tabletop systems yet provides superior results. MyStudio is the absolute best all-in-one lighting and background solution for product photography, eBay auction photography and any other small item photography. Just place your product inside the studio, turn on the light and snap your picture with any standard digital camera. No flash or prior photographic experience is required. An included camera tip sheet will help you get started taking professional quality photos within just a few minutes. Your product will appear evenly lit in perfect color against a heavenly, seamless white background. Additional colored backgrounds are also available for use with the PS5 PortaStudio making it extremely versatile and the absolute best choice among portable photo studios.