Vortex Media WarmCards 3 Junior White Balance Reference System

Vortex Media WarmCards 3 Junior White Balance Reference System

Price: $44.95


  • Brand: Vortex
  • Manufacturer: Vortex Media
  • Model: WC3JR
  • Weight: 1


  • constructed from durable TerraPoly plastic
  • Virtually indestructible
  • 100% waterproof, light-weight, easy to clean
  • These cards are twice the size of previous small WarmCards
  • All cards now have the same color on both sides


The Vortex Media WarmCards 3.0 Junior White Balance Reference System adjusts your camera's white balance to improve skin tones and maintains the modified white balance consistent throughout the shoot. It consists of eight 4.5 x 6" cards, 3 Warm shades, 2 Cool shades, 1 Bright White card, 1 Digital Gray 18% card and 1 Minus Green card. Constructed from sturdy TerraPoly plastic, the WarmCards can be used under tough conditions without any wear and tear. Being waterproof and washable, the WarmCards can be easily cleaned and maintained. With simple and consistent method of shifting the white balance, the WarmCards can reduce the time spent on color correction and video enhancement during post production. Using the zippered nylon carrying case, you can easily carry and protect the WarmCards. Featuring metal eyelet holes and a matte finish, the WarmCards reduce reflections from other sources. Eliminating the need for gels, filters and special lighting, the WarmCards can be used for applications such as professional TV cameras, video camcorders and digital SLR cameras.