Konica Minolta T-10A Illuminance Light Meter

Konica Minolta T-10A Illuminance Light Meter

Price: $1,420.08


  • Brand: Konica Minolta
  • Model: 5053707


  • Product Type: accessibility luminance meter
  • Foot candle range: 0.001 to 29,990
  • Lux range: 0.01 to 299,900
  • Resolution: 0.001 FC / Lux
  • Dimensions: 2-3/4"W x 6-3/4"H x 1-3/8"D (69 x 174 x 35 mm)


These IL luminance meters provide measurement functions that include illuninance (LX), illuninance difference (LX), IL luminance ratio ( percent ), integrated IL luminance (lx-h), integration time (H), and average IL luminance (LX). meters feature a silicon photocell receptor that provides highly accurate measurements and includes a USB port for easily downloading measurement data. Use the optional software to import your measurements into Excel for report generation and analysis. Il luminance meters provide highly accurate and reliable measurements conform to Class AA JIS C 1609-1:2006; and DIN 5032 part 7 Class b standards provides multi-point measurement capabilities - 2 to 30 points accurately measures pwm-controlled light sources 5053707 t-10ma includes a min receptor for small hard to REACH places easy-to-read LCD display.