Gossen GO 4046 Starlite 2 Exposure Meter (Black)

Gossen GO 4046 Starlite 2 Exposure Meter (Black)

Price: $629.99


  • Brand: Gossen
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Gossen
  • Model: GO 4046
  • Weight: 95


  • Built-in viewfinder for precision pin point measuring angle adjustable to 1 or 5 degrees
  • Dimensions :approx. 164 x 66 x 26 mm. 270 degrees swivel head for the ultimate flexibility
  • Features Incident, reflected and flash metering modes
  • Designed to be fully used in cine applications
  • Capable of metering and calculating multiple flash exposures


The Starlite 2 exposure meter is a versatile, high performance instrument ideal for all types of measuring tasks in the fields of photography with maximum precision. This meter offers all types of measurement from continuous illumination and flash, right on up to the zone system. Object measurement is a snap with the built in viewfinder giving a 1 and 5 degrees measuring angle. Incident light measurement is achieved by means of diffuser with spherical and planar characteristics. The Starlite 2 can also be used as a full-fledged cine meter: Standard size, 180 degrees rotary disc shutter, additionally selectable sector sizes in 5 degree steps, no conversion with formulas required. Constructed with a splash proof case this is a great choice for the photographer in the field and on the go. The Starlite 2 is capable of measuring individual flashes, calculating multiple flash illumination and analyzing flash and continuous illumination – even with several flash units in combination. With the help of a multi-flash calculation, the Starlite 2 automatically calculates the required number of flash units, if a single flash unit is inadequate for a given resolution making this the perfect choice for studio photography.