Ikan PD-BA1-KIT BlackMagic Armor System Kit, PD Movie (Black)

Ikan PD-BA1-KIT BlackMagic Armor System Kit, PD Movie (Black)

Price: $2,103.62


  • Brand: Ikan
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Ikan
  • Model: PD-BA1-KIT


  • Minimalistic design for ease of use
  • Unique underslung studio and upright hand held modes of operation
  • Ergonomic and precise design for Black Magic Cinema and 4K camera
  • Integrated Battery Provides power to Black magic camera for 4 hours of continuous shooting


Custom-fit for the Black magic Cinema 2.5K and 4K Cameras, the BMD Armor System is an ergonomic rig with a streamlined design that integrates both power and control. The main body fits the camera like a glove, keeping all ports and buttons accessible and plugs neat. The integrated battery design keeps power and control cables out of the way. The built-in battery in the baseplate provides up to four hours continuous shooting power for the camera. The handles are securely attached to a bridge plate and feel sturdy enough to manage any weight added to the rig. The multi-control handgrips contain batteries to drive each of the focus, zoom, or aperture motors and have rosettes for mounting in multiple positions. Thumbwheels for lens control are smartly located in the handles. They have two modes for slow and standard speed control of the motors and the option to focus/zoom at both 216 and 360 degrees. One mode is better suited for zooming and the other for more precise focusing. With the BMC in place, the kit weighs 14.5 pounds. Optional add-on components are available.