Marumi 72mm 72 Super DHG MC CPL PL.D Slim Thin Filter Japan

Marumi 72mm 72 Super DHG MC CPL PL.D Slim Thin Filter Japan


  • Brand: Marumi
  • Manufacturer: Marumi
  • Model: Circular Polarizer
  • Weight: 20


  • Newly developed ultra-low reflection coating increases light transmission.
  • Lens' outer rim is blackened to minimize internal reflection.
  • Satin smooth, ultra thin, matte-black metal filter frame further minimizes refection
  • The DHG Circular PL(D) maximizes the lens' performance and represents contrasty pictures
  • Suitable also for wide-angle lenses. Front lens cap can be attached.


High Functional Polarizing filter protect from the rain dirt High functionality suitable for outdoor shooting with addition of the water and oil repellent coating to the polarizing filter effect. Also fully supports wide-angle lens. Blackened Outer Rim of Glass Minimizes Internal reflection to reduce flare and ghosting. Water Repellent Coating High water repellent effect repels water droplets. Oil Repellent Coating High oil repellent effect prevents various stains, including fingerprints. Ultra-Thin Frame Design Thin frame design makes vignetting extremely low. Satin Finish Matte coating minimize reflection. Knurling Designed for easier handling Lens Cap and Hood Attachable Lens cap and hood can be attached