TDK D120 Dynamic Audio Cassette Tapes - 10 Pack

TDK D120 Dynamic Audio Cassette Tapes - 10 Pack

Price: $64.99


  • Brand: TDK
  • Manufacturer: TDK Media
  • Model: D120
  • Weight: 100


  • Normal bias recording tape is optimized for excellent voice recording for lectures, classes and dictation
  • Low noise surface helps provide an excellent signal-noise ratio for high-quality playback performance
  • Each audio cassette has a 120 minute total recording capacity or up to 60 minutes per side


A veteran member of the TDK audiotape family, D is superior normal bias recording media with a proven track record. It's ideally suited for everyday recording and applications where the same tape is frequently re-recorded and played. D is a workhorse, all purpose tape for your all purpose world. Use it for dubbing, archiving vinyl, recording radio talk shows or to capture just about any audio source. TDK's normal bias D is the world's most popular all purpose tape.