Splice Tape 8mm Presstape Splicing Tape

Splice Tape 8mm Presstape Splicing Tape

Price: $3.46


  • Brand: Unknown
  • Manufacturer: KODAK (formerly)
  • Weight: 3


  • Easy to use, just peel and press like using a band-aide
  • Clean no mess and no hassel, Pre-perforated
  • Secure hold lasts a lifetime
  • Formerly made by Kodak, still made in the USA
  • Each pkg as shown in photo has 40 tapes which will make 20 splices


Presstapes are easier to use and less hazardous than film cement. When working with film, butt film ends together, apply the pre-perforated presstape over the butted ends, flip over and apply to underside. Splice is complete.