Samsung 256GB 95MB/s MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME256DA/AM)

Samsung 256GB 95MB/s MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME256DA/AM)
From Samsung

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #26757 in Personal Computers
  • Size: 256 GB
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: MB-ME256DA/AM
  • Released on: 2016-06-30
  • Dimensions: 1.25" h x 3.75" w x 5.50" l, .3 pounds
  • Memory: 256GB


  • Up to 95MB/s transfer speed
  • Works with cell phones, smartphones, Android tablets, tablet PCs, and more.
  • High-performance up to 95MB/s for full HD video recording, high resolution pictures, mobile gaming, music and more.
  • Reliability built to last - water, temperature, X-ray and magnetic proof
  • 10-year limited Warranty

Get the most out of your smartphone or tablet PC with Samsung EVO Select 256GB micro SDXC memory card. This high-performance memory card features read speeds of up to 95MB/s for transferring music, photos, and videos and is UHS-1 enabled to capture full HD video. Waterproof, temperature proof, magnet proof, and X-ray proof, this reliable memory card ensures your files remain safe during life's little mishaps. An included SD adapter lets you use the card with your digital camera, laptop, or desktop computer.

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5The 256GB card is very prone to being faked. Here is how to protect yourself against getting a fake.
By Obi Wan
Samsung cards are great. I've used many of them over the years and they have never let me down in any application.

But because they are so good, scammers like to copy them and try to trick you into buying fakes.

Unfortunately, what people do is take a smaller card like a 8GB card that is cheap to buy in bulk, and hack the control chip on the card so that it reports itself as being 256GB to your computer or phone. Your device thinks it's 256GB so it tries to write 256GB of data to the card. Only problem is there is only 8GB of actual storage space. So the data constantly overwrites itself. Or it just failed when it's at max capacity and you get errors. One of those two things will happen.

Samsung's EVO line of cards are one of the favorite brands for scammers to copy. Now that this world record holding 256GB Samsung card is available it's an absolute sure bet that fraudsters will be trying to dupe people with bad copies of it very soon. However there are ways to protect yourself and to make sure you get a legitimate Samsung card.

❖ For the last several years Samsung has made it's micro SD cards with white plastic. That means the actual card itself behind the colorful label on front is white. You can seethe white plastic on the sides. Fake cards are almost always all black, because they are generically produced low cost cards that are given a fancy Samsung looking label on the front. If the card you get it black plastic on the sides, it's not a Samsung. White plastic is more expensive to make, and fraudsters are all about doing it cheap. (See my imaged below of a real Samsung card. You can see the white sides and black backing)

❖ Buy only from reputable stabled vendors. Amazon is reliable. And if there is a problem, they will take it back without hassle. There are dozens of other 3rd party vendors who are just as trustworthy. But make sure you are buying from one of those. Read their seller feedback. If there are numerous complaints from people who bought fake capacity cards or even cards that didn't work properly, find a different seller.

❖ Make sure the listing looks right. This one is fine. It's a legitimate Samsung card. But scammers will post nearly identical looking listings on Amazon that have cards that look nearly identical buy don't have the Samsung logo at the top. (Recently another scammer replaced Samsung with Sanshen on fake cards. Other than that they were identical. They used the same font any everything, including the A in Samsung that doesn't have the bar in the middle). Samsung has gone with the two tone green fade on their newest cards to make it a little more difficult.

❖ Be careful of the price. If the price of the card you are looking at is significantly below the price of other listings for similar capacity cards, something is wrong. One of the biggest tricks scammers play is to make the price WAY lower than it should be in hopes of getting you to spend more time looking at the price tag than looking at the other things that don't add up right on the listing. Unusually low priced flash storage almost never works out well.

❖ Test the card once you buy it! Regardless of who you buy your Micro SD card from or what brand it is, test it out. A thoroughly way to test it is with a utility app for Windows called "h2testw". You can download it free. Just do a search for it on any search engine and you'll find it. (For Mac and Linux users there is a similar utility called F3) That app writes single bit data to the drive in 1GB file increments until it's full, then it reads that data back to make sure it's readable. It will tell you what the actual capacity of this disk is. It is not fast. It will take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to test a 256GB card depending on the speed of your USB port. This is smart to do even if you have no doubts that you have an authentic Samsung (or any brand name) product. Sometimes things go wrong in manufacturing and quality control and a dud gets through. An app like h2testw will verify that your legitimate brand name card is working properly. And if it's not, you'll know right away while you are still in your 30 day exchange window.

Other than the part about the color of the plastic the card is made from, this advice is good for any Micro SD card, SD card, or Thumb Drive you are thinking of buying, be is Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, PNY, or a more generic brand.

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5More than what I need.
By EdA
It performed well in my Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe. Read speed using my mobile is 68.61 MB/s, write speed is 48.14MB/s as testing with A1 SD Benchmark app. Using a Windows 10 desktop with a USB 3.0 port gave better results with 85 read and 80 MB/s write (see screenshot).

I'm using this exclusively for my mobile (except when I'm transferring photo and videos to my desktop). Everything is fast. Taking pictures with Asus' burst mode was no problem - saving all 20 photos in the burst took only an extra second from releasing the shutter. Offline data with Google Maps feels like it was saved in the internal memory, and documents loaded fast. But I did have one app that was slow to load files - Offline Dictionaries Pro. I only have 2 dictionaries installed, but I estimate the load time to take almost 6-7 seconds.

As for the amount of storage, it's more than enough. I've started using the SD card December 2016. As of writing (March 2017), I've only used 15GB out of it's 256GB. I would have used more storage if my mobile would let me install games on the SD card, though.

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5Great microSD card. High quality and dependable.
By David O
I lost count how many Samsung microSD cards I have bought so far though the years but as with all the others, this Samsung card is fast and great! I've wanted this card for a while and I finally pulled the trigger when the price went down and became more reasonable to me.

This card first served inside my Galaxy S7 Edge and it is now inside my Galaxy S8+.

The card works well, it is speedy, and it has been dependable.

I highly recommend it!!

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