Rokinon FE14M-C 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Lens for Canon (Black) - Fixed

Rokinon FE14M-C 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Lens for Canon (Black) - Fixed
From Rokinon

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Product Details

  • Size: none
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rokinon
  • Model: 134345789
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.43" h x 3.43" w x 3.78" l, 1.22 pounds


  • Lens not Zoomable
  • Minimum Focusing Distance of 10.8 inches
  • This is the new updated UMC version
  • 14 Elements in 12 Groups, Focal Length : 10.5 -14mm
  • Aperture Rane: F/2.8 - F/22
  • 6 Diaphragm Blades

The new Rokinon 14mm ultra-wide angle f 2.8 if ED UMC lens is the highest quality affordably priced 14mm lens on the market. It is designed for full frame cameras and is fully compatible with aps-c cameras as well. Its build and construction are superb the lens construction is 14 elements in 12 groups and features 2 ed lens elements, one hybrid a spherical lens element and one glass a spherical lens element. All of these lens elements combine to minimize distortion and chromatic aberrations. Your pictures are sure to come our razor sharp and clear, even at the corners.

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4Good optics in a basic lens
By KenP

- Manual lens, but you know that, right? Thankfully its depth of field at anything over f/5.6 is deep enough to cover most situations, those close-ups require patience. Perhaps it's my eyesight, but I have a hard time seeing the image clearly enough to gauge precise focus. I usually resort to a test shot or two.
- no range rings to assist with depth of field
- even with the fixed hood, its bulbous glass makes it a big target for rain; I hike in the Pacific Northwest, so you can understand the challenge to keep it clean
- the mustache distortion begs for post-process fixing on images with long horizontal lines

- great images -- crisp, but it gets a bit blurry right at the edges/corners
- only $350!
- fast @ f/2.8
- solid lens cap -- my lenses get bounced around a lot and I appreciate the extra protection.

Updated 10/22/2013:
I continue to believe this is one of the best lens values on the market. If you're a competent photographer and can handle a totally manual lens, you will be hard-pressed to own a better lens value for the price. I have some photos from this lens that rival or exceed the quality of Canon L-glass lenses.

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4Almost Perfect
By Zudet
This lens is wonderful. It is one of the top rated nightscape lenses that is currently available on the market. Here is what I have found:

1. This lens is cheaper by orders of magnitude over similar lenses. To get a fast prime lens like this usually costs upwards of $2000, for a mere fraction of that price this lens blows away the competition.

2. Sharp. This lens has great optics and takes sharp pictures corner to corner by f/8. Wide open it is is a little softer in the corners, but that is just how it goes, unless you want to spend $5000 that probably won't change.

3. Almost no Coma or Chromatic Aberration. For those who don't know, coma is when points of light appear as streaks or smears. The only time this is really encountered in a practical situation is when you are photographing stars. Even on the much more expensive canon and nikon lenses the corner stars appear as ugly streaks, this lens has some of the best coma correction available

1. Fully manual. This may or may not be a con for you, but in the age of auto-focus, and auto everything, it certainly takes some getting used to. My first 20 pictures with this lens all looked terrible because I was focusing wrong and underexposing. Once I spent some time learning how to properly use a manual lens those problems disappeared.

2. Distortion. This is not really a good lens for architecture. There is rather significant mustache distortion in this lens. This can be corrected in post processing by finding the correct lens profiles online, but that is not ideal if you are photographing buildings and man made structures for a living. However that being said, if you use this lens for landscapes, nightscapes, or pretty much anything that isn't architecture then you will never notice the distortion and shouldn't worry about it.

3.. Focus scale is off. This is the only reason I gave this lens 4 stars instead of 5. From reading around this seems to be a common problem with these lenses. For some reason the focus distance scale is not set correctly. If you google this lens you can easily find a guide to correcting the focus ring and setting it to the correct distances. However upon doing this I found out that it is actually more subtle than just a wrong distance scale. With my particular lens I found that I obtained maximum sharpness for objects ~1mile away when I set the distance scale to between the 7ft and 10ft marking on the lens. This is quite a ways away from where the infinity mark is. However at night when attempting to photograph the stars, I found that I obtained maximum sharpness of the stars with the focus set slightly past infinity. Most of the time one would expect that 1 mile is essentially infinity when it comes to lenses, but for some reason there is a huge difference between 1 mile and infinity. Once I conducted enough tests and examined the test shots at 100% I was able to use simple masking tape to re-label my lens for the correct positions for various situations. It should be noted that this is really only an issue if you are shooting wide open at f/2.8. By f/8 everything will be razor sharp and in focus no matter where you set your focal point due to the enormity of the depth of field of such a wide angle lens.

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4So I had one good clear night
By Islander
I bought this for a 4-corners trip anticipating starry skies. I didn't know there was monsoon season in the american southwest. So I had one good clear night. It is a great lens for astrophotography (i think, I'm just learning)and for landscapes and big skies. Colors are nice and good contrast.
I tried using this as a walk-around lens and ran into huge problems with the manual focus. I'm 50 with bad eyes. I can manage a manual focus Yashica 50 and 28mm pretty well, but this lens has such as wide focus range and the view is so wide, large turns of the focus ring make imperceptible changes through the viewfinder, so tons of my pictures were out or focus. When it was in focus, I was very happy with the results. If you can afford it then an autofocus option may be better if you want to use this for more flexible needs, but if just using at infinity then I can't imagine a much better UWA lens at any price. These were all shot with on a canon 6d

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