Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount
From Rode

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  • Sales Rank: #56 in Musical Instruments
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rode
  • Published on: 2015-10-10
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x 3.00" w x 9.00" l, .9 pounds


  • Compact size and lightweight - only 80mm (3') long and 42gm (1.5oz)
  • No battery required (powered by camera plug-in power - min 3V)
  • Rycote Lyre shock mount included
  • Deluxe furry windshield included
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

Designed to improve the audio quality of your videos, the compact Video Micro microphone captures every sound with pristine clarity. It incorporates a high-quality cardioid condenser microphone capsule for great quality audio recordings when used with a wide range of cameras. A directional microphone, the Video Micro reduces distracting peripheral sounds and focusses on the audio in front of the camera. Its pickup is more forgiving than RØDE's other on-camera microphones providing a more natural sound when recording indoors. Perfect for capturing incredible audio to accompany inspiring vision. The microphone body is made from aluminum, giving it a high level of RF rejection, and is finished in RØDE's high-grade ceramic anti-glare black coating. Included with the Video Micro is a camera shoe mount featuring a Rycote Lyre shock mount. Featuring a suspension structure composed of a hard-wearing thermoplastic, it is far more effective at minimizing unwanted vibrations, handling and cable-borne noise than traditional elastic suspensions. Virtually indestructible, the Rycote Lyre will never sag, snap, wear out or require rethreading to maintain its effectiveness. Also included is the WS9 synthetic furry wind shield with foam inner cell, designed for use in outdoor scenarios where wind and environmental noise can inhibit recordings. Optionally available is the RØDE SC7, a TRS to TRRS cable that allows the Video Micro to be used with smartphones, to capture crystal clear, directional sound for video and video applications such as Periscope.

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5Rode VideoMic Me Shotgun Mic Review
By Chris Gray
[[VIDEOID:5dc27ea15b339aabd07ec96284055af2]] Recording video or audio with an iPhone or other smart device has become the norm. Why not take better video or snapchat audio? You already have a great built in camera, so now we just need better audio. Thats where the Rode VideoMic Me comes in.

It's a directional shotgun mic that is easy to use and set up. And it's passive, which means no batteries. While this may be a drawback for the more pro-user, the lack of battery or power may be better for the regular everyday user. With quality construction, it's built pretty tough - Mostly aluminum, with a bit of plastic on the back.

The Mic plugs in with a 3.5mm and is compatible with most smart devices that have the female end. There is even a passthrough connection in the back so you can listen after you record something. Heck, you can even use the Rode VideoMic Me for phone calls or FaceTime, if you want.

The kit is pretty decent and includes a dead cat and plastic clamping piece. All in all, a great device to capture better audio for Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook live, not to mention just recording memories on you device. I totally recommend this if you're in the market to increase the audio in your videos on a budget.

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5Trusted Mic, I use it for all my videos!
By ThaCooLoser
[[VIDEOID:e87359b9d12eb30112ae6b62ee12a11c]] Firstly, when I plugged it in to my camera, I felt like there was no difference when I listened back in my editing...But man was I wrong! After editing my videos furthermore, I found positioning the microphone in this perfect spot for my videos to sound so crisp and clear.

People ask me all the time on what microphone and camera I use. I use the Panasonic Lumix G7 and this Mic being reviewed here. I love it, you can go to my channel at CooLoserTech and have a listen to all my last 30 videos with this microphone.

The video below shows you a bit of what it looks and sounds like. It sounds way way better than my first unboxing trust me!

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3This mic is good but not great
By Chris Alaimo
This mic is good but not great, and how much you like it will really depend on your specific reasons for buying it. The intended purpose of this microphone is to offer you an improvement over your camera's built-in microphone (either a DSLR or mirrorless, or a camcorder with an accessory shoe) and to give you more of a directional mic (it is a mini shotgun) in an extremely compact package. This is however a $50 microphone, and is at the bottom end of Rode's product line of on-camera mics, so don't expect miracles.

First, the pros. The mic is very well-built. The housing is all metal, and it has a very solid feel. The included shock mount is awesome, the cable to plug the mic into your camera is very nice quality and is just the right length so that it gets the job done without flopping all over the place. It is also of course coiled, so if you need more length, it's there. Including a dead kitten wind sock was also a really nice touch. You're getting a really nice package for $50. This mic is very compact, even with the shockmount and dead kitten, making it easy to stick into your camera bag. The mic also uses your camera's plug-inpower instead of batteries, meaning that you'll never be caught out with no batteries, as you would be with some other products.

Now to the cons. The sound is simply not great. If you are trying to record sound only from your subject when filming, then this mic does OK for what it is. Expect to spend some time messing with EQ afterwards in order to improve the sound quality, though. I was watching reviews on YouTube where people were plugging it into a digital recorder and using it as a near-field mic for doing voiceover and on-camera work, and talking about how great it sounded considering how small and cheap it is. For this application (which to be fair is NOT its intended purpose), the mic is pretty poor. I only messed around with it in this fashion because, being that it uses an accessory/hot shoe mount, you can easily mount it to a tripod, microphone stand, or boom pole and use a longer 1/8" stereo cable to plug it into a digital recorder. Again, if you're willing to spend some time in post adjusting EQ levels, you can surely bring out the best in this mic, but the standard unedited audio is not going to sound impressive in any way.

Just as a warning to Canon camera users, Canon DSLRs have notoriously bad microphone pre-amps in them. If you are plugging this mic directly into the camera (which, again is its intended purpose) you are likely not going to be happy with the sound. Shooting video with a Canon necessitates the use of an external digital recorder, and if you're going to go that route, then there are plenty of other choices as far as microphones are concerned.

Personally, I bought this microphone to use with a Sony AX-53 camcorder, as the built-in mic is super omni-directional and therefore not suitable when tyring to train the camera on one particular subject (as opposed to, for instance, filming your kid's soccer game. For that application, it was a clear improvement. Just be aware of exactly what the purpose of this microphone is before purchasing it.

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