NP-FW50 RAVPower Camera Battery Charger Set for Sony ( 2-Pack Replacement Batteries, Micro USB Input Charger, Versatile Charging Option, 1100mAh, 100% Compatible with Original )

NP-FW50 RAVPower Camera Battery Charger Set for Sony ( 2-Pack Replacement Batteries, Micro USB Input Charger, Versatile Charging Option, 1100mAh, 100% Compatible with Original )
From RAVPower

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Product Details

  • Brand: RAVPower
  • Model: RP-PB056
  • Dimensions: .94" h x 4.76" w x 5.35" l,


  • Exactly Like The Original: But bigger capacity of 1100mAh/8.14w Battery, can charge inside the camera, or using the 2.1A input charger to maximize charging efficiency
  • More Battery, More Photo: Triple your camera runtime with a complete backup package including two replacement battery and a dual battery charger to keep the empty ones charging
  • Versatile Charging Option: Common micro-USB input and the ability to charge with a USB wall charger, car charger, or external battery gives you more options than a standard battery charger
  • Standard Compatibility: Made to the exact specification of SONY NP FW50 battery, compatible with NEX 3/5/7 series, SLT-A series, Alpha series. (See description for the full compatibility list)
  • 100% Safety Guarantee: Built with multiple circuit protection (over-charging, short-circuit, high-temperature, and surge protection), and high-quality, fire-resistant construction

Never Miss A Moment
Always prepare for unexpected moments and dead batteries. RAVPower Rechargeable Battery and Charger Set gives you a complete backup solution with two extra replacement batteries and a dual charger to keep the empty batteries charging, because No Battery, No Pictures.

Recharge Battery Everywhere
With the RAVPower Battery Kit at hand, you will virtually triple the run time of your camera and also have to option to recharge the battery with a USB wall charger, a charger, or any external battery pack. More option means more charging time with the battery, and easier to get them ready for lengthy video shoots and extended photo sessions.

Exactly Like the Original
RAVPower replacement batteries are made to the exact specifications of Sony NP-FW50 battery with a slightly larger capacity of 1100mAh/8.14w. Like your original battery, the RAVPower ones can also be charged inside your camera or with the original charger. The charger and battery are completely interchangeable.

The RAVPower RP-PB056 Rechargeable Battery and Charger Kit is compatible with: Sony NEX-3 , NEX-3N , NEX-5 , NEX-5N , NEX-5R , NEX-5T , NEX-6 , NEX-7 , NEX-C3 , NEX-F3 , SLT-A33 , SLT-A35 , SLT-A37 , SLT-A55V ,Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 , Alpha 7 , a7 , a7rii, Alpha 7R , a7R , Alpha 7S, a7S, a7sii Alpha a3000 , Alpha a5000 , Alpha a6000, a6300, a6500 DSC-RX10 DSC-RX10M3 DSC-RX10M2 ILCE-6300 ILCE-7SM2 ILCE-7RM2 ILCE 5000 ILCE 5100 ILCE-6000 ILCE-7 ILCE-7M2 ILCE-7R ILCE-7S Digital Camera and more.

1. If you are not sure about compatibility, please contact RAVPower customer support for more information
2. The wall charger and the car charger were Not Included.

Package Contents:
2 x Replacement Battery for Sony NP-FW50 1100mAh
1 x DC Dual Battery Charger
1 x micro-USB Cable

Customer Reviews

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5Powerful Charger, Less Powerful Batteries
By DaDavidVids
It's my intent for this review to be helpful to you, and if you only read one, read this one.

Here is my impression; I've tried to hit the points you need to know, and constantly update this review.

In general, everything is put together well, from the packaging, to the way pieces connect. Unit feels sturdy and does not emit heat during charging, even if left plugged in for extended periods of time. One battery arrived at about 80% while the other was empty, here's the info I have so far regarding actual power (updated accordingly):

-The capacity of the batteries on a Sony Alpha 6000 lasts nearly equally of around 300 shots (Sony's claimed amount) or 3 hours of intermittent shooting (I will more thoroughly test this and update accordingly).
-Included batteries seem to unpreventably lose their charge over time, as much as 10% per day.
-The charger charges empty batteries fully in about 2.25hrs.
-Sony OEM batteries obviously do fit in the charger, too.

So far the only thing I could foresee people disliking is the cable, which is of a thin, ribbon type. I don't mind because it's more tangle-free.

To conclude, this is an incredible deal. Would you rather have one genuine Sony battery for $40, or two similar batteries that you just have to charge often PLUS a charger for half the price? To me it's a no-brainer otherwise. :)

This charger's still spitting out fully and quickly-charged batteries! I still stand by my recommendation that you obtain this product.

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5great deal, good quality
By sherwinm
this is a great accessory. not only will it charge 2 batteries at a time, you get 2 additional batteries - for a cost cheaper than 1 sony battery. i haven't noticed battery life differences between sony and ravpower. i don't tend to worry about it or pay attention since i have this charger and 2 additional batteries. the a6500 drinks battery. i used up 30% just playing around with the settings when i first got the camera.

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5Works As Expected
By The 9th Wonder
Fantastic addition for me. There isn't much to say. I love the fact that I can plug these into my computer and charge the batteries up. It charges fast and I haven't run into any issues with the charger. I love the small size as well. Very low profile and easily fits in the bag. The batteries definitely don't last as long as the originals - no doubt - but they do the job.

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