Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio, LMS103

Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio, LMS103
From LimoStudio

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Product Details

  • Size: 7.5 x 8 x 31.6 inches
  • Color: Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Brand: LimoStudio
  • Model: LMS103
  • Fabric type: 100% Nylon/ 100% Oxford Nylon
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 31.60" h x 7.50" w x 8.00" l,


  • Contents: [3 pcs] 45W Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb / [3 pcs] Single Head Bulb Socket / [2 pcs] 33-inch Diameter Umbrella Reflector
  • [2 pcs] 86-inch Height Light Stand Tripod / [1 pc] 28-inch Height Light Stand Tripod / [1 pc] Bulb Carry Bag / [1 pc] Photo Equipment Carry Bag
  • 45W Photo CFL Bulb: 6000K / 1820 Lumen / E26, E27 Standard Screw Base / Max Energy Saving up to 80% / 7.1 x 2.3-inch Dimension
  • 33-inch Diameter White Umbrella Reflector: Made of Enhanced Nylon Material / Works well with Any Flash, Strobe Lights or Continuous Lighting
  • (Attention) Bulb, on a rare occasion, creates a mild burning scent, which is a normal reaction as the bulb gets heat / Please do NOT use over 45-wattage bulb with socket

[2 x] 33" Photography Studio Translucent Shoot Through White Photo Video Umbrella • Made of High Quality Nylon Construction • Works well to diffuse the light from any Flash/Strobe Light and Constant Light • Premium Snow White translucent Reflector (33" Wide) • Reflect and Spread light stream evenly • Eliminate glare and spots [3 x] Single Head Photo Lighting Fluorescent Light Holder • On/Off Switch • Compatible with 45W Photo Bulb* (Attention) Please do NOT install a bulb with higher wattage than 45 • Lamp base E26/E27 x1 • Code & Plug included (9 ft.) [2 x] 86" Tall Studio Quality High Output Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand • Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction • Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages • Light Weight: Easy to Move • Industrial Standard Mounting Stud [3 x] Digital Full Spectrum Light Bulb - 45W Photo CFL 6500K, Daylight Balanced • Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb - Saves energy up to 80% • Regular Screw Base • Color Temperature: 6500K • Watts: 45W - Equals to 200W Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output • Style: Spiral • Lamp Tone: Day Light • Overall Diameter: 2.3" • Overall Length: 7.1" [1 x] 28" Tall Studio Quality High Output Accent Light Table Top Light Stand • Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction • Safety 3 Legs Stages • Locking System for Light Safety [1 x] Convenient Umbrella Carry Case [1 x] Bulb carry bag • Premium Quality Nylon MaterialPhoto Umbrella Light Photography Studio Light Photography Continuous Light

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5Perfect for Filming YouTube Videos! Beautiful Lighting, Even Late at Night
By MirandaMowbray
I've had these lights for about a week now, and I have to say that I am very, very impressed at the quality of these for the low price! Of course there are better options out there, but for somebody who is looking for a low-budget option, this is exactly what you should buy!

I recently started a beauty channel on YouTube and was looking for a lighting setup that would help illuminate my indoor filming area. And these three lights definitely do the trick! I did also buy a separate light that attaches to the top of the camera as well, to help further light up my face specifically, but that is just a personal preference...certainly not a necessity! You could easily use these lights alone to film videos, even in a fairly dark room.

Excuse my pajamas, messy hair, and complete lack of makeup (I didn't realize I'd want to share these with anybody!), but the picture attached is a good example of how great these lights really work. That photo was taken in a room that has lots of windows, but it was 8:30 at night and pitch dark outside as you can see, and there was no other lighting being used in the room besides this system. Pretty good, right?!!

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5... is my first set of lights and are a great beginners set
By lking
This is my first set of lights and are a great beginners set. I am new to photography, but this set ha really helped get the desired lighting in my pictures, even when I have low natural lighting available. The set comes with two umbrellas, with stands and light bulbs, and a shorter light stand and light bulb. The bulbs have their own night case and Styrofoam to keep them safe and the stands and umbrellas also have their own bag. The setup is very easy and it all breaks down just as well and fits nicely into the bag. Such a wonderful lighting setup!

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5Beyond Impressed!! Worth Every Penny!!
By Amazon Customer
I am an amateur photographer and needed a basic light kit to take yearbook photos for our homeschooling co-op. I borrowed a paper backdrop and backdrop stand from a friend and used this lighting kit. I faced the backdrop towards a window where diffused natural light was coming in. I changed the white balance settings on my Sony DSLR to compensate for the blue lighting in the flourescent light bulbs. I, as well as the staff in my homeschooling co-op were blown away by the difference these lights made on the photos. I would recommend this to anyone. What a great Christmas gift!!! Be sure to check out the you tube videos reviewing this product. They are very helpful.
I am very impressed with how this product is made. Exceeded my expectations. The carrying case works perfectly.
I hope you'll check out the yearbook pictures I took with this lighting kit.

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