Neewer 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero Session/5 Hero 1 2 3 3+ 4 5 SJ4000 5000 6000 DBPOWER AKASO VicTsing APEMAN WiMiUS Rollei QUMOX Lightdow Campark And Sony Sports DV and More

Neewer 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero Session/5 Hero 1 2 3 3+ 4 5 SJ4000 5000 6000 DBPOWER AKASO VicTsing APEMAN WiMiUS Rollei QUMOX Lightdow Campark And Sony Sports DV and More
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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #7 in Camera & Photo
  • Size: 36*24*8
  • Color: 50 in 1 accessory kit
  • Brand: Neewer
  • Model: Neewer
  • Dimensions: 3.15" h x 9.45" w x 14.17" l,


  • Removable triangle suction cup mount :Sucker with CNC processed aluminum adapter pad and plastic screw.Work with GoPro for low angle shot, strong and firm suction to reduce the vibration.
  • WiFi Remote Fastening Tape Wrist Strap: Long enough to fit around bulky ski coats or just around your wrist comfortably. Attach your WiFi Remote to your wrist, arm, bike handle, steering wheel
  • Backpack Strap Quick Release Clip Clamp Mount 360 Degree Rotation: 360 degree rotation, the direction and the angle can meet users' needs.Easily clip or remove it at the backpack,hat .etc.
  • Mini Retractable Tripod with Ball Head and Foldable Legs(Silver):Small, Lightweight and portable, easy to store. Suitable for all kind of camera, digital cameras, web cameras and camcorders.

Note:1.The GoPro is NOT included.

2.For Nikon, Sony Sports DV and other action cameras, there need another conversion adapter to mount on those accessories. (Conversion adapter is NOT included in this accessories kit.)

3.The selfie stick is made of metal and packed by random color(either black or red).

Large Carrying Case:

This carrying case is designed for GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4/5/5 Session/4 Session / Hero Session SJ4000/5000/6000 cameras and accessories.

Made from high quality EVA which is durable and can provide long term service life.

The inside has foam cutouts to fit the GoPro cameras and accessories.

Lightweight design, equipped with handle which makes it more convenient to carry.

Material: EVA

Color: Black


Wrist Strap:

Mount plate can rotate to 360 degree and can be locked by push the button.

Strap is elastic and made with breathable material which ensures wearing comfort.

Free your hands while bicycling, surfing etc.

Mount your camera flat against your wrist, adjust the recording angle more conveniently

Suitable for: GoPro Hero 4/5 Session, Hero 1/2/3/3+/4/5, SJ4000/5000/6000/7000.

Material: Nylon Fastening Tape + PC

Package Contents:

1 * Suction cup

1 * Floating Handle Grip

1 * Strap

1 * 360-degree Rotation Clip

1 * Insurance Tether Straps

1 * Wrist Strap

1 * Handheld Monopod

1 * Bicycle Handlebar

1 * Chest Strap

1 * Headstrap Mount

1 * Wrench

1 * Wrist Mount with Screw

1 * Tripod Mount Adapter

1 * Carring Case

1 * Helmet Extension Arm

1 * Helmet Strap Mount

1 * Mini Tripod

2 * Switch Support

2 * Surface J-Hook Buckle

3 * Basic Mount

3 * Flat Mounts

2 * Curved Mounts

4 * Screws

5 * Adhesive Pads

12 * Anti-fog Inserts

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3Neewer 50-1 GoPro accessory Kit
By Amazon Customer
I purchased this product after carefully reading lots of reviews about this and other similar products and this one peeked my interest the most from the reviews. After making the purchase, the product arrived on time and in great condition. I want to say that I'm a QC manager and have been for many years so it's in my nature to look at, test, move, tweak, twist and try every piece of everything I buy for proper operation and that it works as described/designed.

First off, I read a few reviews that a parts list with a very brief description would be nice to accompany this product. I say the same thing. You're getting 50 pieces and if you pull them out and count them, you probably aren't going to know if you got all the right pieces or just a handful of the same thing tossed in to complete the package. I found two straps that I don't know what they would be used for. I guess trial and error will have to work.

The carrying case is made of good quality material with a foam insert, a webbed pouch on the inside, top and the zipper is sewn good. The items that have elastic work very well. The head piece has two adjusting buckles and a thin, non-slip surface on the inside that doesn't hurt or catch your hair if not using a hat. The chest camera holder also has nice elastic with five adjustments on it. It's easy to put on and make adjustments to the shoulder and midsection straps. The chest strap will move some, but that's expected with the types of clothes you wear and your physical appearance. I'm not an athlete, but it works great and is very comfortable. The wrist camera holder is soft to the touch. Has a piece of velco on the inner strap to help get the wrist strap on and then there is a second strap that allows for the strap to tighten. The camera attachment swivels for any angle and has a button that will lock the camera in place. Nice feature. It came with a selfie stick that is about 36"+ long with a screw that would screw into the bottom of a regular camera. The package comes with the adaptor that attaches to your GoPro and the stick. There is a three leg tripod that works well and can be manipulated to wrap around items that aren't flat, etc. It too has the attachment that would screw into a camera. There is also a threaded hole in the handle end of the selfie stick that it can screw onto the tripod to get height on the camera. There is an attachment that can be attached to handlebars or small diameter tubing. There are multiple adhesive pieces to attach brackets to hard surfaces.

I suggest you check every bolt, nut and attachment to make sure they all work. All the bolts that came with the product are well made and have the same amount of threads per bolt protruding from the black plastic handle. I noticed that the nuts that are molded into the different attachments are not all the same depth. This is going to cause the issue that I'm not happy with and will try to describe what I found because of this.

The pieces that have the nuts molded in them and work with the camera and other attachment to get the camera in the angle and position to get the action movies and pictures you're looking for are not all the same depth in the moldings. Is what happens is when the bolt is placed through the molded piece to screw into the nut, it goes through too far and only allows for 1/2 - 1 thread to secure the piece. There are two pieces that won't allow for the bolt to catch the threads at all. This is very unacceptable.

After working with every bolt and screwing it into every nut, I want to make a finding that will help you, if you purchase this and the company, if they decide to add a parts list and a few operating statements. I found six pieces that I couldn't get the bolts to screw into. I tried different bolts and it felt as though the threads were crossed threaded. I finally tried turning the bolts to the left first (like you loosen bolts) until I felt a click. Then, I turned the bolt to tighten it and those six pieces could be tightened like the rest. I was thinking seriously about returning this product until I figured that out. Yes, it takes about 2 seconds longer to get the attachment tightened, but it works and I don't think it warrants returning the item.

The items that I do have an issue with and hope the manufacture responds to are the 5 items that will not allow for a secure attachment because the nuts aren't in the molding far enough to catch the threads of the bolts.

So, I think this is a good product. If the manufacturer can get the inconsistencies of the molded nuts fixed so there is a 100% operational satisfaction, I would definitely give this a 5 stars. Would I recommend this product for purchase, yes, because all the major components work as designed, it was only a few of the smaller pieces that had issues. There are enough extra pieces in this package that something can be used to get those fabulous pictures and movies you're looking for.

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1Cheap but good. HEAVILY DAMAGED!!!
By Ehrfurth F.
Contents like, head strap, suction mount, tripod etc are very very cheaply made but they get the job done.

For the price and what you all get its worth it, especially for a beginner however my order had one big hiccup.

The shipping package had no damage but when I opened it to see the actual package inside, it was severely beaten up and had huge gaping holes in it. I opened that to find the hard carrying case was dented in multiple spots so badly the zipper got stuck trying to open it. Also the selfie stick package was completely punctured and I could see the selfie stick in there right away. The selfie stick was a little bent but enough to make opening and closing it extremely difficult.

Amazon knew it was severely damaged and sent it out like that anyway(as the shipping box was perfectly in tact). This was the most beat up product I have ever received in my life and am extremely disappointed as I rushed my order to get it on time to go on a trip that will be requiring me to use this product.

I don't have time to ship it back since I'm flying out tomorrow but hopefully Amazon customer support will help me out. I'll update this when I hear back.

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3The Suction Mount Doesn't Suck!
By David
Just as three stars says, "It is okay".
Let's be real here, this kit has sooooooo many accessories for the money ($20). The case alone could easily cost you $10, the selfie stick another $10. There is a VERY small tripod stand, about 8 inches tall. It isn't bad, but it isn't great. The legs of the tripod rotate too easily, while other joints on the tripod are extremely stiff. The selfie stick is pretty solid----metal telescoping structure. It feels durable and is easy to use. The "clip" mount seems like it has a decent bite and a strong internal spring. I have not used it yet, considering I just got the kit in the mail yesterday. The giant yellow handle-grip mount seems kinda stupid. Its just a hollow plastic handle with a wrist strap. I guess it comes in handy when you use your camera in the water, as the grip is supposed to float. The wrist strap-mount seems pretty decent, although I can't say that I'll ever use it. All of the other mounts and accessories are alright--EXCEPT for one VERY important accessory.... The suction mount.

To start, the suction mount looks like any other suction mount you can buy on Amazon for roughly $10. It's a generic design that works for the most part. I would like the mount for the price, except for the fact that the suction mount doesn't suck. I have tried mounting the suction cup to the inside of my windshield dozens of times. In order to get any sort of suction on the mount, you need to push pretty hard to flatten out the suction cup completely onto the glass. If you're lucky enough to get the suction cup to stick to the windshield, you have roughly 10-60 seconds before the mount falls from the windshield and crashes onto the dash of the vehicle.... Not fun. All said and done, I'm throwing this suction mount into a storage bin or into the recycling. It really is terrible. The clear vinyl-plastic material on the suction mount came deformed out of the package. There are two permanent ripples on two edges of the suction cup. This could be the reason why the suction cup doesn't mount to anything.

Overall, I do like this kit. If i could have, I would have gotten less accessories of better quality. I plan on buying Joby accessories for my GoPro from here on out. I'll definitely use the case, selfie stick, and possibly the tether mounts. This isn't the best $20 I've ever spent, but it isn't the worst either. In the end, you can't expect much from a $20 kit.

Hope this review helps!

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