Lifelimit Accessories Starter Kit for Gopro Hero 5/Session/4/3/2/HD Original Black Silver Cameras

Lifelimit Accessories Starter Kit for Gopro Hero 5/Session/4/3/2/HD Original Black Silver Cameras
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Product Details

  • Brand: lifelimit
  • Model: SB111111
  • Dimensions: 1.97" h x 3.94" w x 5.91" l,


  • Chest strap´╝ÜLet you wear all GoPro cameras (except Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera) on your chest Comfortable, fully-adjustable design fits all shapes and sizes, including over large jackets Perfect mount for skiing, kayaking, biking, motocross, equestrian and other action sports Lets you capture your knees & skis on the slopes, or your bike frame & handlebars Easy way to share the filming with your friends
  • Headband´╝ÜFEATURES of the Head Strap Mount Fully adjustable to fit all sizes, the Head Strap is compatible with all GoPro cameras and great for keeping the footage clear while you shred
  • Bicycle clip´╝ÜHandlebar Seatpost Mount Part of the GoPro Hero Camera is its go-anywhere versatility. And to make the most of it, you may want to be able to mount the camera securely to your bike. With the Mounting Clamp, you can attach your camera to any round or semi-round tube from 19 - 35mm in diameter. So you can have your camera on the chainstays, seatpost, handlebars, or even on the fork legs. Whatever view you choose, you can capture it.
  • The GoPro Handlebar Mounting Clamp includes the tool-free handlebar clamp and a three-way adjustable pivot arm so you can position the camera housing at any angle relative to the clamp.

This kit is compatible with All Gopro Hero 5/Session/4/3/2/HD/LCD Black Silver Cameras
LifeLimit more professional more possibility
This accessorie Kit includes Everything you need for your GoPro camera,High qulity and durable,and you'r full covered by us after you purchasing our products,one-year warrenty of every pieces you buy from us. Now,go and get whatever you like.
Kit Includes:
1 x Octopus Tripod
1 x Suction cup
1 x Floaty bobber with strap and screw
1 x 360-degree Rotation Clip & Screw .
1 x Extendable Handheld Monopod Pole
1 x Bicycle Handlebar / Seatpost Clamp with Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm
4x Flat & 4x Curved Mounts with adhesive pads
1 x chest harness
1 x Headstrap Mount
1 x LifeLimite large size pouch
1 x 360-degree Rotation, New Wrist Mount
1 x Black Tripod Mount Adapter
2 x Gopro Surface J-Hook
5 x long thumbscrew
1 x Frame Mount Housing(HERO4 / HERO 3 / HERO3+ cameras only)

Warranty Policy:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 12 Months Limited Product Warranty (caused by non-artificial quality issue, excluding man-made damage for every purchase from us.´╝ë

Professional technical support, Efficient and always satisfied customer service 24 * 7 available.

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5Killer Product at a Killer Price!
By Robert B
Short Review: If you are in the market for some accessories for your new GoPro, don't hesitate to buy this product! This is the BEST bundle I could find at this price point.

I am brand new to the GoPro, and I, like many others I'm sure, was overwhelmed by the number of kits on Amazon. There are literally hundreds of kits claiming to be the best, but they all lacked something wanted. One would have everything but the monopod. Another would have it all except the floating hand grip. C'mon! I was growing tired and on the verge of giving up on the "perfect" kit when I discovered LifeLimit. They looked professional and seemed to include everything I wanted.

The package arrived quickly and on-time. The contents come in a nice, blue bag (see pictures). The bag is a nice touch that many other bundles lacked. It's professional enough that I would take it out in public but also cheap enough that I won't be sad if I leave it somewhere one day. Ha!

I opened it up to find the parts seperated into Ziploc bags, nice touch. As another reviewer noted, there is a hint of plastic-ish-sorta smell. It went away after a few hours of being out of the bag. No worries. Nothing was broken, and I was happy.

I have since used every item in this kit and can say it's great! The suction cup mount is really strong and will make for some great shots in "awkward" places like your windshield or elsewhere. The head-strap is really nice. It WILL go large enough for your head, so don't get frustrated if it is way too small at first. The chest mount seems really nice and has worked well so far. It has various adjustments and will accommodate most body-types. The miscellaneous pieces including screws, mounts, and adhesive pads all work.

The monopod is quite nice measuring at 8.5" when fully collapsed and just shy of 43" when fully extended. It is sturdy enough that I'll use it and trust it with my GoPro, but I won't be holding it off the edge of the Empire State Building. That's for sure. It does have a strap that you can put around your wrist for added safety, which is a nice touch. The floating hand grip is a wonderfully visible and floats at water level no problem. Like the monopod, it has a wrist strap for added safety. It feels secure. I'll be trusting it for sure. The handlebar mount is great and seems sturdy. It can be removed by taking out one screw, which is nice. There's also this clamp with nice teeth on it that might be really helpful to some. I used it to attach my camera to backpack strap when I don't feel like wearing a camera.

Overall, this is a fantastic kit that will make anyone happy. It has everything you need to get "started." I say that in quotes because you still need a Micro SD Card and some batteries and maybe a case, but you get what I mean!

See attached pictures for full tour. There are simply too many products for one shot! Ha! If you have any questions, please ask them!

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5Great Starter Kit.
By Kindle Customer
The kit is not perfect, but I am willing to give it a perfect score. You have to recognize that this kit is not a collection of the best of the best, but for a tenth of the price of the premium accessories you get an opportunity to try out a wide variety of mounts available for the GoPro and decide where you might want to 'invest' in higher quality accessories. Plus, the body mounts really are good.
Quick Individual items review:
Sticky Mounts- Pros:Plenty of flat and curved mounts using 3M double sided tape for bombproof helmet and equipment mounting. Cons: While the mounts work well with the included quick snap in camera attachment piece, the official GoPro quick snap in mounts bind and do not easily slide in an out.
Body mounts- Pros: Chest, Head, and Wrist mounts are secure, easily adjusted and are very solid. I think these will hold up to everything a GoPro Camera is designed to hold up to. Cons: None so far.
Handbar mount, 90 degree adjustment mounts- Pros- Solid and secure. Cons- None so far.
Suction Cup- Pros: It holds a GoPro on flat surfaces, for a while. Cons: Not secure. Do not use for mounting outside vehicle or for long time lapse photos. Sometimes releases for no reason.
Telescoping selfie stick- Pros: Small, Compact, only 8" in length, extends to 39". It has rubber grip, wrist lanyard. Cons: I will not be carrying it. When fully extended there is up to 6" of deflection at the end of the pole. That much deflection causes the camera to "bounce" during action shots. The grip is too small for me to hold comfortably for any period of time. I bought Sandmarc's selfie stick, to replace it but it cost more than the entire kit. SANDMARC® Pole - Black Edition: 17-40" Waterproof Telescoping Extension Pole (Selfie Stick) for GoPro Hero Session, 4, 3+, 3, 2, and HD Cameras - Lifetime Warranty
Flexible Tripod- Pros: It works and is compact. Cons: It is a little too small to wrap around much and I keep pinching my fingers.
Floatie- Pros: It works. Cons: It leaks. Not enough to sink, but enough it is hard to get the water back out.

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5Sports Camera review - Cheap!
By Deepak
[[VIDEOID:c8a7d2dabfd7a3497127d3dfecbf27df]] Bought for my cheap 4K cam. Have many accessories for the sports cam but not the floating handle and the monopod so I opted for this. The floater and the monopod both are the highlights in this bundle and I love them. This pack has almost every essential items one look from the action camera set.

The monopod/hand stabilizer can extend really high and can help make the high pan zoom shot easily and with steady hands.

The car mount is very handy to turn action camera into a dash camera! The car mount can be mounted on the dashboard to with the 3M sticker on the dashboard.

Have attached some pictures for getting a better idea of how it feels on hand and the quality. I will try to update my review after a month or so if I find anything bad or any cool stuff I have spotted.

Thanks for reading my view on this nice product. If you found this helping please vote so.

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