GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black

GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black
From GoPro

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Product Details

  • Color: White
  • Brand: GoPro
  • Model: QKWXX-511
  • Released on: 2017-03-12
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.91" h x 17.32" w x 11.89" l, 11.65 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Display size: 5


  • Karma captures amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the air, handheld or body mounted. 
  • The Karma Drone folds to fit into the included lightweight case. Take it anywhere. When you're ready to fly, just unfold, attach the propellers and go. 
  • The Karma Stabilizer captures breathtaking shake-free video both in the air and on the ground. 
  • Remove the Karma Stabilizer and attach it to Karma Grip for ultra steady, professional-looking handheld shots.
  • Karma Grip works with GoPro mounts, including the built-in shoulder mount on the Karma Case, to deliver ultra steady body-mounted footage. 

Karma captures amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the air, handheld or body mounted. Ultra portable, Karma folds to go anywhere, packed in its own lightweight case. Detach the camera stabilizer and combine it with the included Karma Grip for unbelievably smooth handheld or body-mounted footage. 

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5Exactly what I needed
By Donovan
First, let me clarify something. The official safe maximum range on the Karma drone is 3200 ish feet. However, there is a setting in the Karma remote that allows you to disable the "safe" distance option.

I have personally flown the Karma successfully about 5600 feet (a mile is 5280 feet) before it decided to automatically return to the take-off point. And by the way, it was very cool to see it autopilot itself the entire way back to me. Once the drone is back in range there is an option on the remote to regain control.

The Karma drone package is by far the best deal for the majority of people. For $1100, you get the drone itself, battery, backpack, gopro hero 5 black camera ($399 value), gopro stabilizing stick (actually very cool in and of itself, $299 value), and a few other attachments.

The camera of course can be used separate from the drone; and the camera is pretty cool. It is waterproof to 30 feet without a case, can be voice controlled, touch screen (with on screen editing functions), and of course video that rivals more expensive camera systems.

The handheld stabilizer is much more useful than I thought it would be. It, along with the hero 5 internal antishake mechanism, result in a butter smooth picture even while hiking, mountain, biking, etc. It makes a big difference watching footage during mountain biking without and with the stabilizer. Without the stabilizer footage can be nausea inducing. WITH the stabilizer, it was like watching the star wars speeders flying between the trees.

Oh, and so far, the Karma drone works pretty well. I've had one episode of GPS loss but was able to land it with some difficulty. But as far as I know, none have yet to just fall out of the sky (the battery issue has been fixed).

I'm getting about 18 minutes of battery life. However, the Karma will return to you with about 2 minutes of battery remaining, so expect about 15 minutes of useful flying time. (Let's see, 18-2 = ... you get the idea).

The battery charges to full in an hour. I bought two extra batteries and have two chargers. Works very well for me.

Overall, very happy with my purchase. It's really the drone purchase that made the most sense for me.

Hopefully this helped

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1It has too many issues. Drone lacks technology to be worthy of a drone.
By A.L.
There are no Pros with this drone. That is a shame on GoPro.

I bought the Karma via Best Buy initially thinking of just getting the Grip. But heck for $500 more why not get drone with it. I played with the Karma for 3 months. Took it to Mexico, flew it around all over my hometown here in US. I thought it was good in that its a complete package for the GoPro users. You want aerial vids, you got the karma. You want ground vids, you got the grip. Life was alright with the Karma for the 3 months, until I tried the DJI Mavic Pro and realized life was much much greener on the other side.

What did I learn from the Mavic Pro that made me realize Karma is a horrible drone?

GPS signals: Karma would occasionally lose signal making me manually control the Karma which drifts really bad. So bad that crashed it twice. One time crashed landed onto grass. 2 propellers broke. I was fine. Karma came with extras. Second time, crash landed into a light pole. Everything broke. Good thing my credit card purchase protection covered that. But I made the mistake of buying another Karma since I'm so forgiving and that whole package with the Grip and the fact I already own Hero 5 really attracted me. Unfortunately, the "bad karma" continued..... Lost GPS mid flight, had zero control of it using the remote. I tried to land but it won't respond to my remote controls. It just drifted away and away until it hit a tree and fell 20 feet onto grass. Good thing it was on grass cause the stabilizer dented only, but 3 propellers broke. Arms scratched. One thing going for Karma is that its durable to some degree. Hero 5 black held up every single crash so I give my hat down to the Hero 5 durability. I learned a lot about 100% manual drone flying from the Karma. That training made the Mavic Pro like a baby drone. Super Easy to handle. I have since had not a single GPS loss with Mavic Pro. Mavic tells me how many satelites its connected to vs. GoPro red, orange, or green signals. I manually put Mavic Pro on ATTI mode (vision mode with no GPS), super steady on hover with no drift.Karma lacks any sensors so once it loses GPS, you are on your own entirely along with the bad drifts. The Mavic Pro has been a piece of cake to fly compared to Karma. But again I give a lot of credit to the Karma for making me into a really good drone pilot compared to those who started off with Mavic Pro. I met drone pilots who started off Mavic Pro and freaking out when it goes to ATTI (vision) mode. To me with my manual Karma flying training that Karma forced onto me with its GPS issues, ATTI mode was a piece of cake.

Remote control:
GoPro controllers "learn" and "cam" features are not reliable. It crashes often. Won't load or crash. Cam feature: One time chose cable cam and it crashed my controller sending my karma to returnhome on a straight path. good thing no obstacles in the straight path or else it would have crashed. Granted karma did return to home and landed safely. So everytime i chose a cam mode, I pray it works or else my heart will be beating like crazy hoping karma won't drift away, or hope the straight path it choses doesn't have any obstacles.

I had Sony A7RII with G master 2470 lens, chargers for camera and karma, 2 karma batteries, hero 5 and its accessories. 2 tablets all onto a drone trekker backpack (polarpro). It was 50lbs total. Super heavy to carry and killed my back the whole week I was on vacation. Completely not convenience to bring if you had a lot of gear. I changed it all out for Mavic Pro gear with 2 batteries and charger. It was so much lighter around 30lbs. I saved 20lbs on my back and shoulders.


Since flying the Mavic Pro, I realized how ancient the tech is on the karma and how basic it is. Its 100% rely on GPS. If thats lost, which unfortunately it does too often, you are on your own with no vision sensors of any kind to assist. I think the $1k is very well spent on a Mavic compared to $800 Karma and its Grip. Its well worth it to me.

With that said, I love the Karma grip. It helps me make buttery smooth Hero 5 vids. I highly recommend that grip for all Hero 5 users. So I got the Karma grip on its own and returned the Karma and keeping my Mavic Pro.

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1I do not believe in giving bad reviews, I try my very very best to ...
By Amazon Customer
I am person that never gives reviews unless they are five stars. I do not believe in giving bad reviews, I try my very very best to fix the issue with the company. However let me say that Amazon is the only good part about this purchase. I have had issue after issue with the Karma drone. Maybe I got a lemon. The worst part is dealing with the go pro customer service. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with them. Too the point of such frustration it caused extreme headaches and anxiety. They will not let you talk to anyone in America, they make you repeat the problem multiple times, it has been a complete nightmare. I love my go pro camera, and what a shame that they just can not help me to make a product that I purchased from them work. That was all I wanted was to have a working Karma. I realize they are a huge company, they do not care about me or my stupid review. It's just so upsetting.

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