DBPOWER 1080P Action Camera 12MP Waterproof Sports Camera 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens, 30m Underwater DV Camcorder with 14 Accessories and 2 Batteries

DBPOWER 1080P Action Camera 12MP Waterproof Sports Camera 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens, 30m Underwater DV Camcorder with 14 Accessories and 2 Batteries


  • Brand: DBPOWER
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: DBPOWER


  • FULL 1080P ACTION CAMERA: Capture your most amazing action moments in full 1080P with DBPOWER's waterproof action camera. The Panasonic CMOS sensor and 170-degree wide-angle lens allow you to capture it all in stunning HD. 1.5-inch HD LCD display, 1080P / 30fps, 720P / 60fps video and 12 megapixel pictures, F2.0 aperture.
  • AMPLE RECORDING TIME: Included in the package are 2 rechargeable 900mAh batteries. Each fully-charged battery can record up to about 70 minutes in 1080P and about 40 minutes in 720p. This is plenty of time for you to catch ALL the action. Charging time for batteries is 3 hours.
  • WATERPROOF CASE: Don't miss out on your underwater action either; capture it with the rugged waterproof case supplied. It's IP68-certified and allows for use up to depths of 30m (100ft). This makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, water-skiing, drifting, surfing and snorkeling etc.
  • PLENTY OF STORAGE: Supports microSD cards up to 32GB, which equates to 8 hours recording in 720p and 5 hours in 1080p. We suggest using a certified class-10 or above microSD card with a storage capacity of at least 8GB and at most 32 GB. Please format the microSD on the action camera before use.
  • NEVER MISS A SHOT: The abundant accessories package means that whatever adventurous activity you're doing, you'll be able to shoot it! With these accessories, you'll be able to shoot activities such as cycling, motorcycling, running, skiing, driving, diving, snorkeling and more. The action camera matches all Gopro/Akaso mounts.


The DBPOWER SJ4000 Action Camera operates to the highest performance levels and is built to the same quality standards as the top-of-the-line GoPro. So why not buy the most economical option - the DBPOWER SJ4000 Action Camera, and share your world with DBPOWER?

The crystal clear 1.5-inch LCD display lets you preview your videos and photos in real-time directly on your SJ4000. Share your videos and photos with your friends and family alike.

The Panasonic 12MP CMOS sensor combined with the 170° ultra wide-angle lens shoots awesome pictures and will capture the most sought-after actions and emotions just the way you want to.

The two batteries included in the package increase your recording time from 80 minutes to 140 minutes. Relax and shoot freely without the worry of the battery discharging sooner than you'd hoped.

The DBPOWER SJ4000 waterproof case guarantees a water tightness of up to 30 meters! The ability to film underwater, and the fact that it is made of materials and components that allow you to record in extreme weather conditions, make for an extremely satisfying user experience.

Use: Designed and built for action, adventure and extreme or outdoor sports. Your #1 companion for shooting action on the go! Click 'Add to Cart' now!

Package Contents:

1 x DBPOWER SJ4000 Action Camera

1 x Waterproof case

2 x Batteries

1 x Bike holder

3 x Switch support

1 x Helmet base

1 x Fixed base

2x Base

1x Adapter

2 x Adhesive 3M tape

1 x Wipe

3 x Bandage3

1 x USB cable

1 x Ties

1 x User manual