Celestron ISO Certified, 2017 North American Total Solar Eclipse EclipSmart Solar Shades Observing Kit, Black (44405)

Celestron ISO Certified, 2017 North American Total Solar Eclipse EclipSmart Solar Shades Observing Kit, Black (44405)
From Celestron

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  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Celestron
  • Model: 44405
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 10.50" h x .18" w x 6.50" l,


  • ISO 12312-2 compliant Smart Solar Safe shades 4 pack with 32-page eclipse guide book
  • Solar Safe shades use ISO certified protective film that is 100% safe for watching an eclipse or viewing sunspots and are designed to fold easily and fit in your pocket for easy stowage
  • Solar safe shade kit includes four pairs of shades, allowing you to share your solar viewing experience with up to 3 of your friends
  • The included 32-page eclipse book is full of eclipse information and a complete timetable and transit map for the upcoming North American eclipse on August 21st, 2017
  • Made in the USA for Electron by American Paper Optics, a NASA recommended supplier for ISO-12312-2 compliant solar observing products

ISO 12312-2 compliant - Electron Smart products feature Solar Safe filter technology and are independently lab tested and guaranteed to be ISO 12312-2 compliant for your safety. Solar materials provided here in the USA by American Paper Optics, one of the sources recommended by NASA to ensure safety for you and your family. The Smart solar shades sun and eclipse observing kit was designed to view eclipses and for everyday observation of the sun for you and up to 3 of your friends! Four pair of solar shades are packaged with a 32-page eclipse booklet. The booklet has all the info you will ever need about eclipses and the upcoming eclipse due to hit North America in August 2017. Includes a transit map, timetable by city, and facts about eclipses. The solar safe shades are economical, easy to use, and 100% ISO certified solar safe. Solar safe technology solar products feature solar safe filter technology providing the ultimate protection from harmful solar radiation, including both IR and UV light, and filters 99.999% of intense visible light. Electron solar safe filter technology is guaranteed safe for direct solar observation and has been independently tested by Sai global assurance services. Solar safe products conform to and meet the transmission requirements of ISO 12312-2, filters for direct observation of the sun, EN 1836:2005 + a1:2007 (E) for an E15 filter for the direct observation of the sun and, as/n's 1338.1:2012, filters for eye protectors.

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5Proper Eclipse eye protection in a good product
By The WB
Made my purchase for the big Eclipse event on August 21, 20017. Wanted something with a little more viewing magnification and this product sounded like it fit the bill.

Unpacked mine and tried them out with my wife near by. They work as represented.

What I like:
* Simple construction -- cardboard box with top sun bill cover
* 2X power -- brings the view of the sun in much better and closer
* Pre-stretched "Solar" film that is ISO graded safe for full sun viewing
* The view is of yellow/orange color
* Dark, dark, dark glasses -- everything away from the sun is black
* Safe to view for extended periods of time

I wear glasses, so these viewers are away from my eyes more than a non-glasses wearer has them. I used it with a brimmed fishing hat to give me additional protection from the sun shining over the top of my viewer and glasses. A bit tricky, but with practice, it works. You need the additional protection.

I'm geared up for the big day. Now, pray for clear skies that afternoon.

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5The Ultra-Star of Solar Kits and 2x More Power!
By Cosmicsniper
Celestron EclipSmart Ultra Solar Observing & Imaging Kit Includes ISO Certified Solar Sunglasses, Four Eclipse Viewers, Camera Solar Filter, 2017 Total Eclipse Guide & Map
The EclipSmart Ultra 8-Piece Solar Observing and Imaging Kit has something for everyone and its for this reason that I love this kit. You receive 4 pairs of standard solar shades that are perfect for kids and sharing with family or friends. The 1 pair of solar glasses included are similar to a pair of comfortable sun glasses but are specifically made for viewing the sun. A protective bag is provided for the solar glasses. There is also 1 solar safe photo filter for DSLR's and smartphones, an eclipse guide book, and informative transit map and poster.

As an astrophotographer, having travel-friendly gear is a must. The EclipSmart photo filter safely covers up to a 67mm DSLR lens and can be temporarily taped in place over the lens when imaging (see photo). It's small enough to fit in the camera bag and perfect for travel. The eclipse guide book, authored by eclipse chasers Fred and Patricia Espenak, prepares you for August 21, 2017 with hints and tips, fun facts, beautiful photos and illustrations, and timing/magnitudes for cities inside AND outside of the totality path in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The EclipSmart Ultra 8-Piece kit is a great all-around choice for the family and smartphone/photographer. You won't be disappointed! For those that desire a larger view of the sun, I highly recommend Celestron's EclipSmart 2x Power Viewers kit that can be purchased separately.

Celestron EclipSmart 2x Power Viewers Solar Eclipse Observing Kit Includes Two ISO Certified Safe Solar Eclipse Viewing Binoculars & 2017 Eclipse Map
The EclipSmart 2x Power Viewers are hands-down my favorite viewer for the magnification they provide when compared to standard solar shades or glasses. Two viewers are packaged with an informative transit map for the August 21, 2017 transit. The viewers are not worn, but instead are held to the eye like binoculars and feature a creative fold-flat design that incorporates a visor that protects the front solar film when folded flat. This protection is important when tossing the 2x Power Viewer into a bag or luggage because there is far less chance of damage. It's also meets ISO requirements for filters used to safely observe the sun, so you can enjoy the views knowing you have a quality product in your hands.

During first use, I noted a double image of Sun. This was due to holding the viewer too close to my eyes. Simply holding them slightly further away from the eye made the images merge beautifully. My spouse and teen daughter compared the 2x Power Viewers with other standard, non-magification solar shades and each preferred the EclipSmart 2x Power Viewers for the larger and better view of the Sun. If you prefer to not hold something up to your eyes (or have trouble doing that), I'd recommend the Celestron solar shades or the deluxe shades found in the EclipSmart Ultra and Deluxe kits. For the price and the 2x magnification, you can't go wrong with this product from Celestron. I'll be ordering more for friends and family!

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5fun facts, preparation and tips for viewing
By GBaybee
This kit has 4 well-made solar eclipse glasses and an informative guidebook. We have family living near the path of totality and have already made plans to stay with them. The extra glasses will come in handy. The colorfully illustrated guidebook will too. It includes definitions, history, fun facts, preparation and tips for viewing, a general map of eclipse path, and a list of eclipse times and percent for larger cities in Canada, USA, and Mexico. The glasses are ISO-certified heavy film. I looked at cheaper eclipse glasses sets, but chose this one for its reasonable price and because I trust Celestron to supply glasses that are safe to use. Can hardly wait!

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