Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N

Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N
From Canon

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Product Details

  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: 9486B002
  • Dimensions: 2.20" h x 1.50" w x .79" l, .17 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion


  • Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N

Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N

Customer Reviews

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76 of 81 people found the following review helpful.
5Overpriced - but top quality
By Frank Dutton
I have purchased off-brand batteries in the past as second batteries for my cameras. I was particularly satisfied with Opteka ones. However, for my new Canon EOS 7D Mark II I just didn't want to take any chances. Additionally, if you look at it through the lifetime of the battery (for me, 4 - 5 years) the price differential only amounts to a few dollars a year. Yes, the Canon batteries are VASTLY OVERPRICED - but what are you going to do? Their batteries are far less likely to have any problems and are recognized by the camera so you can also see the remaining charge level while using them and don't get a surprise with a dead battery just in the middle of shooting something important.

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4The Real Canon OEM Battery -- the Only One That Is
By KR503
I've been burned SO many times now, I will NEVER get a third-party battery for my cell phone or any of my three cameras. And you have to be extremely careful on Amazon, because even companies that advertise OEM "original" parts basically just lie, and as far as I can tell, Amazon never really pursues this. So I'll only buy a battery manufactured by the original company, as tempting as those cheaper batteries and chargers are. I look not at the description but at whether an Amazon entry will say "by Canon" or "by Fuji" or whatever. Even then, I'll look carefully at the picture(s). I love this camera (Canon 5D Mark III), so I love this battery, because it's the real thing and I know it won't over heat and cook the camera's circuitry, it won't change its shape so it bulges and doesn't fit quite right, it won't have much less power for much longer than the OEM . . . this is the REAL one, and yes, it's about 5x the price of the fake ones. I no longer care.

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250% reject rate.
By Bruce MacDermott
I ordered 4 of these. They arrived in their original packages with hologram seal. Genuine Canon batteries made by Panasonic Corp in China for Canon. Unfortunately, only two of the four would take a charge. The other two failed to charge and were returned to Canon, at their request. After examining them, and the two Canon chargers they asked me to send as well, Canon's tech support declared that the batteries were "old". They then send back only one battery as a replacement for the two I had purchased through Amazon. What's up with that??? Top it off, the battery they sent me also failed to charge. It is now back in their hands.

On the other hand, when I contacted Amazon and explained what Canon had done, they sent me a replacement for the one Canon had refused to replace. Amazon customer service gets a 10. Canon gets a 1.

I am still waiting for my fourth battery to arrive and work. 50% reject rate on new batteries is not acceptable by my standards. Be sure to check your batteries for function as soon as you get them.

These would have received 5 stars if they had worked. The ones that work are great, but remain to be determined as better than the aftermarket batteries I have been using for several years, that cost less but are not always recognized by my EOS 6D.

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