AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries (16-Pack) - Packaging May Vary

AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries (16-Pack) - Packaging May Vary
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Product Details

  • Size: AA 16 Pack
  • Color: Black, Green, Orange
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Model: AA/HR6
  • Dimensions: .57" h x 1.97" w x 9.12" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Battery type: NiMh


  • Features sixteen-pack 2,000 mAh rechargeable AA batteries for digital cameras, remotes, and more
  • Pre-charged and prepared to use out of the pack
  • Extremely gradual self-discharge maintains 80% of capacity
  • Brings together very best capabilities of AA alkaline (ready to use) and rechargeable (reusable) batteries
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Low self discharge battery, Minimum capacity 1900 mAh, Protection for Overcharge, Can meet HSF requirement.

Customer Reviews

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2Overridden With Inconsistencies
By Joseph Torrillo
I run the "battery center" at my work (approximately 60 employees). We primarily use AA rechargeable batteries to power keyboards and mice. I have about 200 rechargeable batteries in rotation currently. Between Duracell, Lenmar, Eneloop and the Amazon Basics, the Eneloop have by far been my favorite. I only bought the Amazon Basics because the price was remarkable and figured I'd give them a shot. I use the La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Charger. The eneloop batteries stay charged for 4-6 weeks on average and always fully charge to around 2.2-2.4ah. The Duracell are a strong second place. They fully recharge to values higher than the eneloop, but seem to drain faster.

The Amazon Basics have been very inconsistent since buying them. I've bought three of the 16 packs so far. The first pack was "precharged" but 4 were returned to me, drained, after only 4 days. One of those 4 was simply dead. The charger couldn't even recognize there was a battery in the the chamber. Eight more of them were returned to my desk after 2 weeks. One of those 8 only recharged to half spec. The last 4 were returned after 4 weeks and two of those four only recharged to half spec.

When recharging them, I always fully discharge before recharging. The eneloop rarely, if ever, have any issues. The first box of 16 Amazon Basics have just been inconsistent. I'm hesitant to open the other two packs I bought. I might return them and just suck it up and buy the more expensive eneloop. At the pace we are dependent upon and cycle through batteries, it's worth it to have the reliability of the eneloop. Having to go through and discharge and recharge the Amazon Basics two or three times to get them back to operating specs is simply too time consuming. I am giving them a 2-star rating based on the fact that the price is still good even with only 12 working batteries and that they serve as a good backup plan while I'm recharging the eneloop.

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1Look elsewhere if you need long lasting batteries.
By Cameron Palmer
These things last 2-3 hrs running my baby monitor before they are dead... When using non rechargeable batteries the receiver runs a few days before the battery light starts to flash. Going to send these back and try out some of the "high" capacity rechargeable batteries to see if they do any better. Maybe I don't understand batteries but I don't see why it would make a huge difference between the regular and high capacity amazon batteries (800 mAh) vs (850mAh).

Edit: Also something to note. They seem to discharge to around 50% after just sitting for a day or so. I'm not sure if I was just unlucky and received a bad batch or what.

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4Good set of rechargeable batteries, last longer than several other brands I own.
These are great rechargeable batteries for a great price. They last a bit longer than a few other brands I own.
The 1st reason I like these batteries is the fact that the discharge is as amazon put it "extremely gradual" this means the batter will hold the majority of their charge after multiple uses, which is great.
I will say that the batteries do come ready to use, but only arrive charged to about 25%, meaning that you can pop them right in whatever appliance you so choose upon arrival, but they won't last very long, I'm not sure if it was just my batteries in particular or if all batteries packaged and shipped arrive a 1/4 charged. It's just something to keep in mind, that if you do choose to use these immediately after opening that they won't last long, but that by no means the batteries are defective.
As you can see I awarded this product 4 stars and not 5 because I think it would be nice for Amazon to clarify that the batteries are only charged to 25% to their full capacity among arrival, which isn't that big of a deal to me, but may lead potential purchasers to think the batteries are defective, if they use them immediately out the box.
With all that being said I would recommend these rechargeable batteries if your looking for a set that will last and are priced vey well.

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