AKASO Action Camera 1080P HD WiFi 12MP Waterproof Sports Camcorder 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Rechargeable Battery and 19 Mounting Kits

AKASO Action Camera 1080P HD WiFi 12MP Waterproof Sports Camcorder 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Rechargeable Battery and 19 Mounting Kits

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  • Brand: AKASO


  • New release AKASO Action Cam 1080P- AKASO sports camera captures stunning 1080P 30fps / 720P 30fps video that's sharper and more lifelike. With 12MP Burst photos, capture the moments you don't want to miss.
  • Waterproof action camera (30M)- Waterproof case allows you to dive up to 30 meters, ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, water-skiing, drifting, surfing, etc.
  • Action Camera with Built-in WiFi - edit & share your action in minutes. Download App(iSmart DV) on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. Then operate or review the images or videos via Android or iOS devices. WiFi signal ranges up to 10 meters.
  • Most Valuable Contents - 19 fascinating accessories, including 2 rechargeable batteries, available for kinds of sports, such as cycling, motorcycling, running, diving, skiing, snorkeling,etc
  • Other Excellent Features - 170° ultra wide angle, you can shoot much more scenery of your surroundings. 2" LCD screen, micro SD card supported maximum 32GB, HDMI output

AKASO EK5000 Sports Action Camera is a perfect camera for people who love to click every special moments of their life. The camera offers many exciting specification that allows people to take wonderful pictures and video. With this camera you will never miss a moment to capture in your life no matter whether you are travelling or spending special time with your family. The camera functioning is very easy to learn and thus it is possible for everyone to click some picture without facing any trouble. The size of the camera is very small and thus you can easily slip it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. You can use this camera to capture any moment starting from recording car driving, outdoor sports, diving, climbing, swimming, cycling etc. Let's explore the features of the camera in details. DisplayThe camera features a 2.0 inch LCD display screen with full HD resolution that allows users to view the pictures and videos on the camera screen clearly. You can observe what you are picturing and how the video is looking that you are recording through the camera. However, you can also transfer the videos and pictures on laptop, desktop or in mobile to watch them later on a much bigger screen through microSD card. ResolutionThe camera features Full HD resolution to allow people capture and view videos and pictures with high quality resolution. The images can be viewed on different resolutions including 200W, 500W, 800W, 1200W and the video resolutions includes 1080...

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5Gopro features and quality without the big price tag.
By G. Jones
I have owned at least 7 sport cameras. Some of them gopro brand and most of them not. I love what gopro brings to the table, but it comes at a very high cost. That is why I tend to lean more toward cameras with all same functions plus more like the built in screen and WiFi. I am posting some pictures of this camera compaired to my gopro and they are nearly identical in size. The video quality is equal to if not better than my gopro, but it is hard to tell since I am doing the video comparison by viewing it on my phone over wifi. The camera has a built in screen without adding to the size like my gopro's add on screen. It came with a waterproof case and a minimal cage style case. It came with many mounting options that are almost identical to gopro, but I have not yet tried to see if they are compatible with each other. It also came with 2 batteries that are slightly smaller than the gopro batteries, but there are two of them and they are easy to switch out when needed. For extra security, the kit also had a small steel cable and zip ties for tethering would camera in the event that there is an accident and the mount comes loose or breaks. At least you won't loose your camera in the river, on the mountain, or in the snow. It even makes for a nice dash cam in your car, and could potentially protect you in a lawsuit. If you do anything outdoors and want to document and share your journey, this is a great little camera. In my photos, the smatree battery on the right is for the gopro, and the one on the left is for this camera.

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5Incredible value
By DT Trader
For the price, this is Akaso Action Camera is an unbelievable deal.
I loved that it came with all the mounts I needed plus a waterproof case.
Also having a screen on the back is so nice when GoPro3 and 4s don't have them standard.
The pros and cons of my review would line right up with most everyone else's. This is not a GoPro, but the video quality is surprisingly very good, especially for the money. If you mostly shoot outdoors where there's good daylight/sunlight, this is a no brainer to get. Indoors where it's dark is where you can see a little bit of the quality drop by being a tad grainy but even high end gopro 4 black models have a bit of grain on indoor shots.
Overall, I would recommend this Akaso camera if you're looking for an action camera. I would actually buy 2 or even 3 of these, instead of paying $400 for a gopro.

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4Great camera that gives you more than what you'd expect.
By Doc Hussey
This camera does what it says on the tin and does it pretty well. I've had a pair of these cameras over a month now and have put them through the wringer and they still work just fine. For the money, I don't think you can go wrong. Please check my YouTube channel (search "Doc Hussey") for a playlist of unboxing and some test footage.

1. No image stabilization or very little to the point of not noticing. Walking, biking, or driving, vibrations are transferred to the final product.
2. Video quality is very dependant on condition and is never quite perfect. The video isn't cell phone quality, but that is to be expected. The colors are a bit blown out or dark depending on the light level. The actual video quality at 1080p looks close to 720p upscaled.
3. Sound quality falls off dramatically after about 1m. It's an action camera, so don't expect great sound quality especially inside the waterproof case.
3. No external charger. If you need to charge your batteries, you either need to purchase a secondary charging station (Such as this one I use:2 x 1050mAh Rechargeable Action Camera Battery(2-Pack) With USB Dual Battery Charger for AKASO/NEXGADGET/Campark/WiMiUS/ODRVM/SOOCOO/Lightdow/Pictek/APEMAN/Vtin/EKEN/Cymas/Vikeepro 4K Sports Camera ) or you'll need to plug the camera into a charger and swap out batteries as they charge.

1. For the price, you're getting a great camera. Similar cameras in this price range that I've used (Campark ACT74, Lightdow LD6000, and Monba MB10) compare similarly in MOST areas, but come in under in one or more areas while possibly exceeding in another. The AKASO EK5000 (the true name of this camera) is the best out of them as far as a balance of quality and features. While the Campark has better image quality, it didn't have the battery life. While the Lightdow had better battery life, it had a lot of trouble with blurring and artifacts at high speed.
2. The battery life is VERY respectable. Coming with two batteries each that last a tested 1h22m, 1h53m,1h37m, and 1h39m, I've got a good three hours easy of recording in my pocket per camera. Changing the battery on the fly takes me around a minute, from turning off the camera, opening the waterproof case, popping the cover off, pulling the old battery, putting the new one in, and redoing the tab and case. That means, should I be using only one camera, I can record six plus hours of any activity with only three missing minutes of time. Using the 32gb micro SD card that I purchased with this camera ( Samsung 32GB 80MB/s EVO Select Micro SDHC Memory Card (MB-ME32DA/AM) ) I have a total of 5h31m33s of record time per camera.
3. Underwater shots are BRILLIANT! In clear water, the color and quality of these shots are simply phenomenal. I've used a GoPro Hero4 when I went diving off Kailua in Hawaii and the quality difference is so negligible it's scary. Yes, the lack of image stabilization means that you've got to get your shots just so for close shots, but for beautiful sweeping shots, there's nearly no difference. In brown water, like the river here, there's no telling at all. A cheap waterproof light (such as this that I use: Neewer Waterproof Up to 131ft/40m Underwater 20 LED 700LM Flash Dimmable Fill Night Light with 3 Color Filter(White, Orange, Purple) for GoPro Hero 4 3+ Action Camera and All DSLR Cameras ) makes for amazing video.
4. Compatibility with all GoPro style mounts. This is pretty self-explanatory, but anything that isn't a case that's branded GoPro will work just fine with this camera.
5. Durability on this little bugger is just fantastic. I've thrown this off a bridge into the water in its case with a weight attached to it without the case popping open. I had it suction cup mounted to the side of my car doing 80mph+ (130km/h+) and had it fall off on the highway without getting destroyed. I bought two just to abuse one of them to failure to see how much it really would take, and they both are still ticking along just fine.

All in all, I recommend that anyone looking to get into the sport/action camera thing go ahead and grab one of these. Hell, grab two. for the price of a GoPro Hero5 ($400) you can buy EIGHT of these bad mammajammas and set up some really epic stuff (how about having you and your buddies set all eight along a stretch of trail and you go through? Or mounting on the boat AND the guy on the wakeboard?) . Yeah, the quality isn't the same, by a long shot depending on the circumstance, but for what you get it's worth having a couple of these in your bag.

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