SONY VHS / S-VHS Video Head Cleaner

SONY VHS / S-VHS Video Head Cleaner


  • Brand: Sony
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Model: T-6CLDL


  • cleans vcrs in just 10 seconds
  • good for approximately 50 cleanings
  • just place the cleaning cassette in a vcr like a regular tape
  • after 10 seconds, press the Stop button & eject the cassette
  • no need to rewind cassette after each use


This VCR Head Cleaner looks like a regular VHS Cassette tape. Use this cleaning cassette when the vcr picture is distorted. Load the cleaning cassette as you would a regular VHS/SVHS cassette. Press the play button, after 10 seconds press the STOP button and eject the cassette. Remove the cassette without rewinding it. Replace the cleaning cassette after 50 cleanings.