5-Year Warranty - Leitner LH270 Single-Ear Wireless Telephone Headset for Office Phones

5-Year Warranty - Leitner LH270 Single-Ear Wireless Telephone Headset for Office Phones


  • Brand: Leitner
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Leitner
  • Model: LTR/LH270
  • Weight: 12


  • DUAL-CONNECTIVITY - Works with your office phone, computer, or both! Take a call on your landline, switch to a Skype call, or even listen to music on your computer with the push of a button
  • MOST COMFORTABLE - Extremely comfy single-ear style, designed for all-day wearing. Includes a soft, contoured leatherette cushion that rests gently on your ear
  • TOTAL PRIVACY - Like most people, you probably feel more comfortable knowing your call is confidential. The LH270s Enhanced DECT Level A Security ensures you're heard by you and your caller only
  • WIRELESS FREEDOM - Wander up to 350 feet from your desk, the length of a football field, and stay connected to your call. (Playing football with your headset not recommended)
  • 5-YEAR FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - Leitner Lasts Longer! That's 5 times the warranty of most Plantronics and Jabra wireless telephone headsets! The warranty covers the battery too, ensuring your Leitner office headset will last


Wireless Office Headset Features
- 8 Hours of talk time. Long enough for a full day at the office. Forget to put it back on the charging base before you leave for the day? The LH270 fully charges in less than one hour - one of the fastest-charging phone headsets for office phones
- Up to 350ft wireless range in both headset telephone and USB mode.

Premium Comfort and Function
- Lightweight single-ear design and a leatherette cushion allows for all-day wearing
- Noise-canceling microphone blocks out surrounding noise, meaning your caller only hears your voice

Wireless USB Headset Features
- Plug and play with simple USB connection
- The LH270 is a VoIP telephone headset that works with your favorite softphone VOIP application, such as Skype or Jabber
- Relax, listen to your favorite tunes or Podcasts on Pandora, iHeart Radio, Apple Music or any other while you're working, no one has to know!
- Don't like to type? The LH270 is one of the best office headsets for dictation software like Dragon Naturally Speaking

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