SHONCO 4 Pcs Extended Rotatable Telephone Phone Cord Detangler Landline Telephone Accessory (Clear/Black)

SHONCO 4 Pcs Extended Rotatable Telephone Phone Cord Detangler Landline Telephone Accessory (Clear/Black)

Price: $16.99


  • Brand: SHONCO
  • Color: black-4pcss
  • Manufacturer: SHONCO


  • FITS Family Fixed Telephone- Works on RJ11 models of handset cords and handsets. Applies to Family Fixed Telephone ,And the item model is RJ11 Plug. Note : Not applies to VOIP phone , not fit for RJ45 Modular Plug.
  • PREVENT FRUSTRATION - Stops your coiled phone cord from becoming twisted and tangled
  • HIGH QUALITY & NO TOOLS REQUIRED - Includes gold- plated metal contacts to ensure great sound quality. Simply plug into your handset on one end, and the cord on the other end, and you are ready to go! Removal of the detangler is just as easy.
  • ROTATES 360 DEGREES - Automatically rotates as you do while you are talking on the phone to extend the life of your phone cord
  • Gold-plated metal contacts prevent loss of sound quality.


SHONCO Telephone Cord Detangler 4 Pcs - Extended Rotating - black - Landline Telephone Accessory

1.This spins so that the cord does not tangle. You attach it to end of the phone and then plug the untangled cord to the handle of the phone.

2.If you are an Executive Assistant and was getting frustrated with your cord always getting tangled. If you use the phone 80% of the time to make and answer calls. So we figured you would get this affordable combination of useful handset cord and Very important for your job and it makes you more productive and more efficient with not constantly having to fix a cord.

3.Does not affect the sound. People at the other end of the line hear you clearly and you hear whomever you are speaking to very clearly as well. It fit perfectly on your office phone.

4.Our old phone had a twisted cord that impossible to correct. This detangler prevents it from twisting.

5.The plug does not fit into the headphone socket as it is too short.(Please check the size of the old plug. so that you can reference to buy it . should give it a little spin ,then the phone never tangles anymore.

Package list :
1.4*Telphone Cord Detangler