Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker - Back Lighted Display, 1,000 Blocked Number List, Last Call Remote Entry

Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker - Back Lighted Display, 1,000 Blocked Number List, Last Call Remote Entry
From Digitone

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Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Digitone
  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x 3.00" w x 5.00" l, .31 pounds


  • Digitone Winner of Consumer Reports Robocall blocker review. Top Rated Caller ID Display.
  • Back Lighted 3-Line Display that shows NAME and NUMBER, Time, Date, Total and New Calls.
  • Block Entire Area Codes, Exchanges or Specific NAMES or NUMBERS. Your Phone Won't Ring on Blocked Calls.
  • Works with Analog phone lines with FSK or DTMF Caller ID, DSL, FIOS, Cable Modems or Digital Services from VoIP Phone Companies
  • Requires Caller ID Name and Number Service. Stop Calls Instantly with One Button Blocking as they Ring In.

The new ProSeries Blocker was designed by Digitone Communications for those who want a way to block unwanted calls, yet allow all others to ring their phones. It comes from the factory preset to allow all callers with a valid phone number to ring through and then screens your calls based on a Blocked Caller List you prepare. More information can be seen at digitone.com or call 1-877-610-5693. Terms of sale which the customer agrees to with purchase: Our support requires the ProSeries Blocker be connected to viable telecom equipment that is network standardized and FCC approved. 1 year warranty with optional repair options available thereafter. Guaranteed to work with your telephone service and phones or request a refund within the 30 day trial period. Purchase of a ProSeries Blocker from unauthorized Amazon Warehouse Deals will not be supported by Service or Warranty. Domestic & Extra Delivery Costs are Non-Refundable including the original shipping costs to your delivery location. There are no refunds after the 30 day trial period. Customer must pay for shipping for all returns, exchanges and repairs. Once delivery is made by the carrier's status: "Delivered" to the address the customer provides, that completes the transaction and any lost delivery is not refundable. Orders shipped that are returned to Digitone as "Undeliverable" or "Return to Sender" will be refunded and the shipping costs are not refundable. Make sure you have a secure delivery location. Contact Digitone at 1-877-610-5693 before purchase of the Digitone ProSeries Blocker to discuss your plans to connect it to your phones.

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5Say Goodbye To Unwanted Calls
By James D. White
OK, I only have it operating for 5 days but my phone has become totally quiet except for my friends & family calling. Also, I use this with a Panasonic wireless system which I have diligently progammed with calls I want blocked. The Panasonic, however, allows one ring before blocking my defined calls I want blocked and the Digitone allows no ring so it has cleary blocked calls the Panasonic may have blocked but now with no single ring. The Panasonic also allows calls without caller ID t ring through which was the nuisance I really bought the Digitone for. The elimination of single rings and more comprehensive bad call lists make the Digitone worth having. If you don't have a Panasonic phone system or a Digitone, you have no idea how unobtrusive your life can be. The Digitone is all you need to
keep whoever you don't want calling you away and most telemarketers/scammers are already pre-programmed into it. I can't imagine
living w/o a call blocking system because these effective ones really work and the scammers are so annoying, yet now easily eliminated from your life.

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5The only true "Do Not Call List" is the one stored in this call blocker
By r_a_b
I just upgraded from my Digitone Call Blocker Plus purchased in November 2014 to this model. I bought the ProSeries for reasons linked to features. First, it has a blocked calls memory nearly ten times larger than the Plus. It has a backlit display (turns on with calls and button presses). One can program it to delete very old blocked numbers from memory when one adds new blocked calls. The feature is called "Blocked Number List Auto Delete."

The programming method of the Pro is similar to the Plus, so for me there was a minimal learning curve.

Do yourself a favor and download the online manual (adjust to best font size). The number of available features might be daunting for some people. To truly know what the heck one is doing, to save future grief and to avoid docking it stars and misrepresenting it in a negative review, please read the manual. Have it nearby when stepping through feature-setting. Or, let somebody else read it aloud while you push buttons.

This device is minimalist in design but programming takes some patience and practice. To reiterate what I said when I reviewed the Plus model, I love the feedback on the ProSeries' display. It prompts you when to stop pressing certain buttons while issuing commands. If you do not key in commands, command mode times out; so, it doesn't leave one hanging and trying to find "Home."

Happiness is using the red "Block" button and not having to worry about running out of blocked-call-number memory.

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4Works great and gets better as you add numbers
By Wheels
Works great and gets better as you add numbers. My unsolicited calls are waaay down. My son's cell phone comes in as "out of area", so it blocked it. Added his number to the VIP list and problem solved.

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