INTEY Thermal Laminator A4 with Two Roller System Fast Warm-up Quick Laminating Speed

INTEY Thermal Laminator A4 with Two Roller System Fast Warm-up Quick Laminating Speed


  • Color: Silver
  • Manufacturer: INTEY
  • Model: NY-BG0


  • ★VERSATILE FUNCTION: The laminator is compatible with letter, document,photo and card that not exceed maximum width of 9 inch and maximum thickness of 0.02 inch, applicable for household,office and home.
  • ★HOT&COLD MODES: The a4 laminator has two types of laminating modes. Hot mode adapts to rolling heating method to produce high temperature to form laminating thing, while Cold one uses a sticky or magnetic plastic film to form them for no need to heat up.
  • ★QUICK WARM-UP: INTEY laminator takes 3-5 minutes to warm up with LED light turns green to remind you get ready to laminate when turns on hot mode and power led light reminds the status of power.
  • ★★★ABS JAM RELEASE: As the a4 laminator has been too much used, there is the remains left in the machine which leads to get jammed during laminating. You should power off the laminator and use the black jam release design behind the product to manually remove jammed papers.
  • ★QUALITY WARRANTY: The laminator has 18 month warranty, with working voltage of 110-120V 60hz and power consumption of 265Watts. If there are any questions, please contact us.


Tips for How to Use
1.Choose mode you want by turning up the black button to cold or hot side.
2.Please keep laminating papers have margin space of 3-10 mm against two sides of the laminator.
3.If choose cold mode, just need to put laminating pouches at mouth of the machine and the laminator would automatically eat them.
4.If choose hot mode, please wait 3-5 minutes to warm up the machine to the certain temperature till the READY light turns to green, then feed pouches.

Tips to Maintain
Due to too much use, the laminator might get jammed occasionally. Once the jam cases happen, please remember to turn off power at first, then use ABS release jam function to manually remove jammed pouches. In order to reduce the jamming as possible,please frequently use a folded clean letter to clean the remains after using and clean rollers with towel.

Warm Tips
1.To longer your product life span, please avoid uninterrupted using for 3 hours;
2.Do Not touch the machine when it is under hot laminating mode;
3.Please take the support plate away when you use ABS release function.

Technical Details
Brand Name:INTEY
ProductSize:13.6*5.7*2.6 inch
Working voltage:110-120V 60hz
Maximum width:9inch
Maximum thickness: 0.02inch