Wadoy GX6750 Typewriter Ribbon for Brother GX7000 GX6000 GX6500 GX8000 Black Correction Cartridge Compatible Replacement

Wadoy GX6750 Typewriter Ribbon for Brother GX7000 GX6000 GX6500 GX8000 Black Correction Cartridge Compatible Replacement

Price: $5.99


  • Brand: Wadoy
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Wadoy
  • Model: Replacement GX6750


  • Non orginal parts. Compatible Typewriter Ribbons for Brother GX6000, GX6500, GX6750, GX7000, GX7500, GX7750, GX8000, GX8250, GX8500, GX8750, GX9000, GX9500 and GX9750 Typewriters.
  • Color: black. Material:plastic. Package Included:1 pc Typewriter Ribbon Cartridge
  • This Typewriter Ribbon cartridge and Correction tab deal with work with all of the following: Brother Typewriters, Olympia Typewriters, Panasonic Typewriters, Royal Typewriters, Samsung Typewriters, Sears Typewriters, and Swintec Typewriters.
  • Typewriter ribbon cartridge replacement Brother GX6750 GX-6750 GX 6750
  • Replaces all of the following: Brother 1030, Brother 1032, Brother 1230 Brother 1430 Panasonic KX-R20, Panasonic KX-R50, Panasonic KX-R51, Royal 013048, Royal 911261,Sears 54065,Sears 54288, Sears 54303.


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