Brother 1030 Correctable Ribbon for Daisy Wheel Typewriter (2 Ribbons)

Brother 1030 Correctable Ribbon for Daisy Wheel Typewriter (2 Ribbons)

List Price: $13.29

Price: $11.41


  • Brand: Brother
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: BROR9
  • Model: 1230
  • Weight: 14


  • For use with all AX, GX, and Correctronic models
  • Correctable typewriter ribbon
  • Yields 50,000 characters per ribbon. Black ink
  • Genuine Brother quality product


ML-300 Portable Electronic Typewriter.
12-7/8 Inch paper capacity, 9 Inch writing line.
Three typing pitches (10, 12 and 15).
12 characters per second typing speed. This black type-correction ribbon is ideal for use with all AZ, GX, and Correctronic models from Brother. The package includes two correctable ribbons. Compatible models include: AX10, AX110, AX12, AX12M, AX15, AX15M, AX20, AX22, AX24, AX25, AX250, AX26, AX28, AX300, AX325, AX350, AX400, AX425, AX450, AX475, AX500, AX525, AX550, AX600, AX625, COM300, COM300M, COM310, CORRECTRONIC140, CORRECTRONIC145, CORRECTRONIC300, CORRECTRONIC300M, CORRECTRONIC310, CORRECTRONIC320, CORRECTRONIC340, CORRECTRONIC350, CORRECTRONIC355, CORRECTRONIC360, CORRECTRONIC380, EM30, EM31, EM31II, GX6000, GX6500, GX6750, GX7000, GX7500, GX7750, GX8000, GX8250, GX8500, GX8750, GX9000, GX9500, GX9750, HQ220, ML100, ML300, ML500, SX14, SX16, SX23, SX4000, ZX1700, ZX1900, ZX30, ZX50