Whirlwind IMP Pad - 40 dB

Whirlwind IMP Pad - 40 dB

Price: $18.95


  • Brand: Whirlwind
  • Manufacturer: Whirlwind
  • Model: IMPAD40


  • 1k-Ohms Input Impedance (3-pin female XLR)
  • 150-Ohms Output Impedance (3-pin male XLR)


The Whirlwind IMP Pad 40dB offers up the perfect amount of signal attenuation to effectively in a line signal into a microphone pre or match levels between two pieces of gear. Attenuation is a critical part of recording and signal matching, ensuring that an overly "hot" signal won't hit the input of the device it's going into too hard. In short, attenuators are effective at avoiding unwanted distortion. An audio toolkit essential, the IMP Pad 40dB is also available in 10, 20, and 30dB attenuation versions. Take control of your signal with the Whirlwind IMP Pad 40dB. Whirlwind IMP Pad 40dB Attenuator Features: Small design40dB of attenuation Inline design