Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z Mic Activator -INCLUDES- Blucoil Audio 10' Balanced XLR Male/Female Cable AND 5-Pack of Cable Ties

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z Mic Activator -INCLUDES- Blucoil Audio 10' Balanced XLR Male/Female Cable AND 5-Pack of Cable Ties

Price: $254.99


  • Brand: blucoil
  • Manufacturer: blucoil


  • SHAPE YOUR TONE CONVENIENTLY - The Cloudlifter CL-Z features a variable impedance control, Vari-Z, that contours the sound of your dynamic or ribbon microphone. It has a variable impedance loading, sweepable from 150 Ohm to 15 kOhm.
  • NOISE-FREE AMPLIFICATION - The dual gain setting yields +12dB up to +25 dB of ultra-clean gain for low output, eliminating the crackle and hiss produced by the amps. Cloudlifter allows your mic preamp to work without the unwanted noise or feedback.
  • PREMIUM CIRCUITY PRISTINE SOUNDS - Cloud Microphones designed the CL-Z with patented Class A, discreet JFET circuit. This compact unit preserves your mic's natural sound.
  • VERSATILE USE - The CL-Z is compatible with ribbon, dynamic, tube, power-supply, or battery driven microphones. It is also roadworthy for outdoor gigs such as onstage and broadcast. You can also use this for studio recording.
  • INCLUDES - Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z Mic Activator. Blucoil Audio 10-Feet Balanced XLR Cable - Premium Series 3-Pin Microphone Cable, Speakers and Pro Devices Cable (Black). 5 Pack of Blucoil Cable Ties.


Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z Mic Activator
The Cloudlifter CL-Z is a variable impedance mic activator designed and manufactured by Cloud Microphones. The CL-Z provides +12 dB up to +25 dB of ultra-clean gain, which maximizes the signal clarity of your microphone. It lowers the noise floor and required gain with any preamp. Thus, letting preamps to operate in a more comfortable gain range. You get a wide range of new tonal variations with the CL-Z, thanks to the variable input impedance loading of 150 Ohm to 15 kOhm. The CL-Z has dual gain switch that allows you for more gain or maximum gain. The max gain is approximately +25 dB. You can also reduce the gain setting to +12dB for recordings where the source does not require as much gain.

  • I/O: 1x XLR input | 1x XLR output
  • Input Impedance: 150 Ohm to 15 kOhm
  • Gain: +12 dB or +25 dB increase
  • High-Pass Filter Frequency: 20hz to 200hz
  • Circuitry: Patented Class A, JFET
  • Compatibility: dynamic, ribbon, tube, battery, power supply driven microphones

Also Comes With:

Blucoil Audio Premium Balanced XLR Male / Female Cable

The Blucoil Audio 3-Pin Microphone Cable balanced XLR M to XLR F, connecting mics to mixers, preamps, audio interfaces, and recorders; or to any other application where XLR connectivity is required. It is made with 24 AWG oxygen-free stranded copper inner core. The zinc-alloy connectors provide excellent conductivity and signal transfer. The 98% braided shield and twin-conductive PVC inner shielding offers protection from EMI and RFI noise.

Additional 5 Pack of Blucoil cable ties to complete your bundle!