FMR Audio RNP8380 Really Nice Preamp Microphone Preamp

FMR Audio RNP8380 Really Nice Preamp Microphone Preamp

Price: $475.00


  • Brand: FMR Audio
  • Manufacturer: FMR Audio
  • Model: RNP8380
  • Weight: 230




INTRODUCING THE REALLY NICE PREAMP!The Really Nice Pre-amp, the RNP, is a 1/3 rack two channel mic pre-amp. FMR s objectives for this pre-amp were: Relatively neutral sonics Compatibility with the RNC/RNLA A Really Nice price!WHAT S COOLLots o headroom. These days, the trend is for microphones to increase their output signal levels while reducing their output noise levels. This means either employing a front-end pad and/or increasing the headroom of a mic pre. FMR decided to do the latter: at unity gain, the RNP 8380 has a clip point of +27.5dBu (almost 25Volts peak-to-peak)! Even with a hefty microphone output, the RNP8380 should take what your mics have to give.FidelityWhen designing a pre-amp, there are many ways to balance the sometimes conflicting operating constraints. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of integrated-circuit (IC) based mic pres in recent years, one of the typical casualties has been fidelity. At this point, I won t bore you with the geeky details, but I want to assure you that fidelity was not sacrificed in the RNP8380. Even though there are many mic pres that are quieter, there are very few that have the spurious-free (i.e., distortion-free) spectrum of the RNP8380. Now, more than ever, what you put into a mic pre is what you ll get out.Ugly boxIf you look beyond the RNP8380 s utilitarian ugliness, you ll see that we opted to throw the money saved in cosmetics into the quality of the audio electronics. Given the choice between something that so unds nice versus looks nice, the sound wins out everytime.Really Nice Compressor (RNC) insertsEach channel on the RNP8380 has an unbalanced send/receive jack that allow you to connect an RNC1773 using a single Tip-Ring-Sleeve (TRS) cable (per channel). With proper cabling, you could also use this feature to balance any other unbalanced piece of gear. In addition, with the right external configuration, the RNP can provide a separate +22dBu unbalanced output and a +28dBu balanced output sim