ART TPS II Tube Preamplifier System

ART TPS II Tube Preamplifier System

Price: $185.00


  • Brand: ART
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: ART
  • Model: TPS II
  • Weight: 810


  • Variable Input ImpedanceNewly enhanced V3 Variable Valve VoicingLED input meterAnalog output meterEnhanced ART Tube TechnologyAutomatically switches between instrument and mic preampWide frequency response (5hz-50kHz)Enhanced OPL Output Protection LimiterToroidal transformer
  • It features variable input impedance which allows users to dial in and match any microphone type from large condensers to ribbon mics
  • Like its predecessor, the DPS, the newly improved V3 feature provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process for guitars, bass guitars, synths, acoustic instruments, percussion, vocals, and more
  • Unique to its class, the TPS II provides level monitoring with 2 analog meters as well as 2 newly added input monitoring LED meters
  • High-Z instruments or balanced microphone signals are input through front and rear panel jacks


2-Channel Microphone/Instrument Preamp with Variable Valve Voicing, Variable Impedance, and Output Limiting