ART TPS II Tube Preamplifier System

ART TPS II Tube Preamplifier System

Price: $185.00


  • Brand: ART
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: ART
  • Model: TPSII
  • Weight: 810


  • Variable Input ImpedanceNewly enhanced V3 Variable Valve VoicingLED input meterAnalog output meterEnhanced ART Tube TechnologyAutomatically switches between instrument and mic preampWide frequency response (5hz-50kHz)Enhanced OPL Output Protection LimiterToroidal transformer
  • It features variable input impedance which allows users to dial in and match any microphone type from large condensers to ribbon mics
  • Like its predecessor, the DPS, the newly improved V3 feature provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process for guitars, bass guitars, synths, acoustic instruments, percussion, vocals, and more
  • Unique to its class, the TPS II provides level monitoring with 2 analog meters as well as 2 newly added input monitoring LED meters
  • High-Z instruments or balanced microphone signals are input through front and rear panel jacks


A 2-channel tube preamp that works with all kinds of mics, for this price? "No way!" you say. "Yes, way," we reply. Yes, way, indeed; ART's TPS II gives you real tube performance plus something called Variable Valve Voicing which, besides sounding very useful, lets you quickly dial in perfect setups for different instruments and vocals. That's handy. Plus, you can easily match up dynamic, condenser, and even ribbon mics with the TPS II, so you get ideal sound in no time flat. You also get ART's OPL (that's Output Protection Limiting), which keeps levels under control on their way to your recording device. Amazing preamp, crazy-low price! ART TPSII 2-channel Preamp Features at a Glance: Tube preamp with classic warm sound Variable Valve Voicing lets you dial in amount of tube character Variable input impedance to tune in to your microphone Hi-Z instrument input for DI use Output Protection Limiting controls overshoots and normalizes levels without clipping