Innovative Lighting Portable LED Bow Light with Suction Cup

Innovative Lighting Portable LED Bow Light with Suction Cup

Price: $28.10


  • Brand: Innovative Lighting
  • Manufacturer: Acr Electronics
  • Model: 560-1110
  • Weight: 62


  • Use of these lights increases the visibility of small boats without permanently installed navigation lights; removable for storage⁄security
  • Shock-proof LEDs are virtually indestructable - their special advantage in these lights is that they have no filament to burn out or break when bouncing over waves
  • Rated at 100,000 hours service life, you will never have to replace the bulb
  • Uses 90% less energy than incandescent lights, so your batteries last much longer
  • Fully buoyant


This LED portable navigation light attaches to the bow by suction cup and is ideal for nighttime travel requiring extended use. It mounts easily on boats under 7 meters (22 feet) at speeds less than 7 knots (8 mph). The LED lamp uses 1/8th the energy of comparable incandescent lamps and extends battery life up to ten times. The one piece molded constructed housing is completely watertight and features a double optical lens, o-ring lens housing, shock resistant neoprene rubber accents, ultra-sonic sealed lenses, heavy duty rubber boot on/off switch and are fully buoyant. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included).