APC 1000VA Compact UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, Back-UPS Pro (BX1000M)

APC 1000VA Compact UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, Back-UPS Pro (BX1000M)
From APC

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Product Details

  • Size: 1000VA / 600W
  • Brand: APC
  • Model: BX1000M
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.48" h x 3.58" w x 12.20" l, 15.87 pounds
  • Battery type: Sealed Lead Acid


  • 1000Va / 600W battery backup Uninterruptible power supply (ups)
  • 8 total outlets: 4 outlets provide ups battery power backup and surge protection; 4 outlets offer surge protection only
  • Automatic voltage Regulation (AVR) maintains safe voltage conditions without using backup battery power

APC 1000VA UPS Back-UPS Pro mini-tower backup power supply provides quality power protection for your critical home and small business devices. An APC UPS provides backup power power and surge protection to power and protect your PC or Mac, network router, gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4, AV and other business electronics from the dangers of power surges, spikes, lightning and power outages. By powering your critical electronics with a backup battery during blackouts, you ensure personal and professional connectivity when it matters most. Improvements in efficiency, size and surge protection come at an affordable price, making the Back-UPS Pro mini-tower battery backup UPS models a perfect solution for your power protection needs.

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5I did buy it again - I have two now - great product - worth the money
By V. Finch
I bought this for my living room home entertainment setup. My tv is over my fireplace and the power outlet is behind the TV. There is a conduit in the wall for my coax/HDMI - so my cable box is in the corner of my living room - away from the TV. We occasionally have power flickers during storms and I didn't want to ruin my LG TV/Soundbar. I bought some electrical cord and fished it through the HDMI conduit and put proper ends on each end - then ran it into the APC. Now my TV/Soundbar never flicker during a storm. I've also got my cable box going into it so it is protected. I liked how this worked so much that I put a second one in my upstairs media room and have my TV, stereo, Internet, and cable going to it. I never loose connectivity anymore.

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5Great UPS
By Perry L.
APC has made some design improvements over the older RS series UPS's with this unit. It's a smaller unit, the screen can be turned off (good if it's in your bedroom), and it's one of the few devices that actually allows/maintains 1Gbps negotiation on it's dataline surge protection - despite others being rated for it.

Setup is popping off a cover, turning the battery around, and putting the cover back on - can't really get any easier than that. The unit is plug & play with most computers, though you can tinker with some additional settings (generally unnecessary, the defaults are optimal for most situations) if you install the PowerChute software.

My only gripes would be the socket layout, the noise and the battery cost:
-If you're using devices with 45 degree plugs, such as APC surge protectors (and this unit), you may find your preferred positioning of the unit doesn't work out. A top/bottom layout between surge-only and battery sockets would have been preferable to the existing left/right layout.
-The unit makes a pulsating "whir" as part of its charging routine. It's nothing you can hear over a computer fan, but in a quiet room it is noticeable.
-It's been true of APC for a dozen years that their batteries are insanely overpriced, often times costing 6x or more what you can get comparable or even better batteries from other vendors for - but they'll refuse to honor any sort of warranty if you do so. A "gotcha" there to be aware of, and a huge customer service flaw APC should have addressed a long time ago.

Do be careful what you're putting where. For example, when the power goes out you don't need your printer, desk light and stereo system all to stay up - reserve the battery for what you'll need to get shut down properly, your computer, external disks, monitors, etc. and I'd expect most home users should see around half an hour of runtime out of it in the case of a power outage.

Overall, it's a great (relatively) little unit and works as advertised. APC's battery replacement cost and stance on third party batteries is a real hang-up for me, but that aside this unit delivers.

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5Power time
By StJim
Pricey but it does the job. It backs-up my computer DVR and it will run an hour on battery (without the monitor).

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