SimpleTech STI-SM3/128 128MB SmartMedia Card

SimpleTech STI-SM3/128 128MB SmartMedia Card


  • Brand: SimpleTech
  • Manufacturer: SimpleTech Technology
  • Model: STI-SM3/128


  • Allows you to take more images, listen to more MP3s, or store more files
  • Lower power consumption means a longer battery life for your digital device
  • Guaranteed compatible with thousands of digital cameras, MP3 players and handheld computers
  • SimpleTech lifetime guarantee
  • Highest quality assurance rating available - ISO9001 Certified


SimpleTech's 128 MB SmartMedia card is one of the thinnest options for removable solid-state memory. About one-third the size of a credit card and just as thin, the card is small but durable. Built with solid-state construction--no moving parts to wear down over time--the SmartMedia card will securely store your music, images, and data. The card's structure is simpler than that of conventional memory cards. Its NAND-type flash memory chip offers small write-block sizes and a sequential nature that improving its performance during continuous data recording.