Highpoint NA460C Mini Dual USB Type-C 10Gb/s RAID Enclosure

Highpoint NA460C Mini Dual USB Type-C 10Gb/s RAID Enclosure

Price: $169.00


  • Brand: High Point
  • Manufacturer: HighPoint Inc.
  • Model: HighPoint NA460C
  • Weight: 198


  • USB Type-C reversible plug Interface
  • 10Gb/s USB 3.1 high-speed data transfer throughput
  • Built-in Hardware RAID 0, 1, Span and JBOD
  • Up to 2x SATA 6Gb/s Hard Drives or SSD (3.5" & 2.5 " compliant)
  • Small, Compact and Light-Weight design is ideal for Mobile Applications


Speed & Flexibility - Accelerate with Fast SSD's or up to 10TB Hard Drives: The NA460C’s utilizes USB-C, not because it is the latest plug-in interface, but to take full advantage of uncompromised USB 3.1 Gen2 connectivity. The NA460C delivers truly unprecedented transfer bandwidth for a USB device, doubling the storage performance capabilities of its predecessor with a simpler, refined cable connection and near instantaneous availability. The USB-C port delivers data throughput up to 10Gbps; ideal for even two lightning-fast SSDs. The high transfer bandwidth enables greater flexibility for digital workflows, with Sustained Read & Write performance over 750MB/s! SSD or HDD; You have the choice to use both: The NA460C can be easily outfitted for maximum performance or storage capacity. The innovative, dual-mode trays accept both 3.5” or 2.5” hard drives & SSD’s, up to 10TB in size. Designed for any Laptop with a USB-C Port: The NA460C is the ideal Storage Companion for any MacBook or PC Laptop with a USB-C Port! Built-In RAID Support for Speed & Security: Creating an array has never been easier! Quickly and easily tailor RAID arrays to meet any storage requirement! The two-step RAID Selector Dial & Create button allows you to instantly configure or change RAID arrays, yet make it impossible to do so accidently. Configure RAID 0 for high-performance storage or select RAID 1 (mirroring) for security and backup applications. Span mode allows you to maximize capacity, even with drives of different sizes, while JBOD mode allows you to use each disk separately. Robust & Intuitive Design: Small, Light-Weight & Compact Aluminum Enclosure: Easy to grab and go when on the road! Efficient Heat Dissipation and Airflow: The streamlined, efficient design easily expels waste heat generated by high-capacity hard drives. The aluminum enclosure provides a dedicated, ultra-low noise cooling fan with adjustable controls and ventilated drive trays for superior hard drive heat dissipation.