Adaptec Ultra160/Ultra320 Internal Round SCSI Cable

Adaptec Ultra160/Ultra320 Internal Round SCSI Cable


  • Brand: Adaptec
  • Manufacturer: Adaptec
  • Model: 1977700


  • SCSI Ultra 320/160 Speed supported
  • Internal Round SCSI Cable
  • 61 Inches in length
  • 6 Connections for 5 drives
  • Active termination


OEM Version of Adaptec ACK-6815. Adaptec's 1497616-00 is compatible with both Ultra 320 or Ultra 160 SCSI HBAs and peripherals, this solution gives you numerous options for use. This internal cable supports any 68pin internal peripheral. The special design improves system airflow and routability and minimizes reflections and signal loss. Its low profile connectors improve overall signal performance and allow for easy routability in lower profile subsystems. All SCSI Adaptec cables adhere to strict SCSI specifications to ensure maximum performance and data integrity. 61 Inches in length. Connector spacing in inches: ]-20-|-10-|-10-|-10-|-10-|-1-[Terminator. Adaptec PN: 1497616-00 Rev B Individually Packaged in sealed bages.