FJM Security SX-645 Combination Universal Cable Lock

FJM Security SX-645 Combination Universal Cable Lock

List Price: $17.03

Price: $16.90


  • Brand: FJM Security
  • Color: Silver
  • Manufacturer: FJM Security Products
  • Model: SX-645
  • Weight: 50


  • Secure- 10,000 posssible combinations cable lock
  • Lock cable is 5mm / 3/16" diameter
  • Cable lock is 2000 mm / 79 inches long
  • Cable has loop at one end for securing to stationary object
  • Tough, vinyl coated airplane cable
  • Set own code anytime


Universal Combination Cable Lock

10,000 combination cable lock with a 5mm / 3/16"", 2000mm lock cable (79 inches). One end can be looped around a stationary object and the locking end can be looped around the item to be secured prior to locking it. When locked, the button on the side of the lock can be pressed and locked to secure the cable from sliding as well.


Universal combination cable lock great for securing Monitors, Projectors, Bike helmets, Sport Gear, Bicycles, BBQ's, Boats & Outboards, Camping & RV Gear, Construction Equipment, Firearms, Garden/Farm Machinery, Golf Clubs, Motorcycles & Scooters, Outdoor Furniture, Power Tools, Pick up Truck Loads, Skis & Snowboards, Spare Tyres, Trailers, Watersports Equipment In fact, you name it, this lock will secure it!


  • Cable Diameter-5mm or 3/16”
  • Cable Length- 2000mm or 6 feet 7”/li>
  • Lock Body- 2-1/2” High X 1-1/2” Wide

Setting the Combination Cable Lock

  • Factory Default is 0-0-0-0
  • With the combination set at the current opening code, turn the reset screw 90 degrees on bottom of lock
  • Set the cable lock dials to your desired code
  • Turn the reset screw back 90 degrees and the cable lock is ready to use!
  • Scramble the dials on the combination cable lock to lock