Verbatim 95003 3x DVD-RAM Double-Sided Media

Verbatim 95003 3x DVD-RAM Double-Sided Media

Price: $12.17


  • Brand: Verbatim
  • Manufacturer: Verbatim
  • Model: VER95003
  • Weight: 1


    Verbatim DVD-RAM, 9.4 GB, Type 4, Double-Sided, 3X


With functionality similar to an external hard drive, DVD-RAM is designed for data intensive, high-performance applications. Double-sided disc offers up to 9.4GB of re-writable storage with up to 3X write speed. Drag and drop just like a hard drive. You can add to or write over data stored on a DVD-RAM more than 100,000 times. DVD-RAM cartridges and discs require recorders and DVD-ROM drives compatible with DVD-RAM media, and will not play in a standard DVD player.