Panasonic DVD-RAM Disc - 3 pack

Panasonic DVD-RAM Disc - 3 pack


  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Model: LM-AT120LU3


  • 120 Mins.
  • 4.7GB
  • 2-3x Speed
  • 3-pack


With 4.7 GB of storage, each of these single-sided DVD-RAM discs lets you record 60 minutes of ultra-high-quality MPEG2 video, 2 hours of video in standard mode, or up to 6 hours at VHS quality, using a compatible DVD recorder. Rewritable DVD-RAM discs can be erased and re-recorded as many as 100,000 times. General Information: Manufacturer: Panasonic Manufacturer Website Address: Product Name: Single-sided Removable-cartridge DVD-RAM media Standard 120mm -- Packaged Quantity: 3 Discs -- Product Type: DVD-RAM -- Form Factor: 120mm Standard -- Storage Capacity: 4.7GB Native