Philips CDRW8012/550 CD-RW 25PK Spindle

Philips CDRW8012/550 CD-RW 25PK Spindle

Price: $14.49


  • Brand: Philips
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Model: CDRW8012/550
  • Weight: 100


  • 700mb/80min
  • Packaged In A Convenient Spindle
  • 25-ct Cake Box Spindle


As a full-range supplier of digital recording media, Philips is in a unique position to provide top-quality products. Our CD-RW discs have an excellent image in the marketplace thanks to superb digital picture and sound quality. With the CD-RW technology, you can re-record over your old disc as many times as you want! Burn up to 80 minutes of music or store photos and other data on each of these 25 re-recordable discs packaged in a convenient spindle.