TDK BD-RE DL 50GB 2x Rewritable in Jewel Cases (3 discs) [Japanese Import]

TDK BD-RE DL 50GB 2x Rewritable in Jewel Cases (3 discs) [Japanese Import]

Price: $64.05


  • Brand: TDK
  • Manufacturer: TDK Media
  • Model: BEV50PWA3S
  • Weight: 57


  • DURABIS 2 Hard Coating for superior scratch resistance
  • White top, Inkjet printable (24mm-118mm) TDK Brand on edge
  • Blu-ray Format Version 2.1
  • Speed: 1-2X Capacity: 50GB (Dual Layer)
  • Each disc comes in a Standard Jewel Case (3 Cases Set)


TDK Blu-ray Double Layer Media Disc (BD-RE Disc) 50GB 2X Rewritable DL BDR Media Discs in Jewel Case TDK products with Blu-ray Disc TM technology take high definition further than ever, to bring you FULL HD. The format's unprecedented storage capacity provides five times larger capacity than today's DVD's and 40% more than an HD-DVD disc. TDK engineered Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives and media together to ensure optimal performance and storage capacity. Preserve camcorder high definition videos in their full, natural 1080p HD format for playback on Blu-ray disc players. Record to this dual layer high definition disc. Then enjoy the full impact of images and sound unmatched for clarity on a BD player connected to an HDTV, or a PC with a Blu-ray Disc drive. Record an outstanding 50GB of data on a single-sided disc. That is enough for up to 10 standard DVDs on one disc. Imagine 46 hours of standard definition television, tens of thousands of music recordings. Today's ever-complex world demands the highest possible media capacity to deliver higher definition picture and sound quality. With unbeatable storage capacity and recording flexibility for content-owners and consumers alike, Blu-ray Disc delivers.