PHILIPS BD-RE - 25 GB - Jewel Case (Schachtel)

PHILIPS BD-RE - 25 GB - Jewel Case (Schachtel)


  • Brand: PHILIPS
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Model: BE2S2J05C/00


  • Direct Disc Labeling: No
  • Number in Pack: 5 / Package type: Jewel cases
  • Storage Capacity: 25GB
  • Recording time: 135 minutes / Max write speed: 1-2x
  • CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Type: BD-RE.


Blu-ray discs are the greatest advancement in optical media since the DVD. With five times their capacity, you can record High Definition video on a single high capacity dics, quickly and easily. BD-RE can be written over and over again. To keep pace with the growing popularity of high-resolution video, single-layer Blu-ray discs provide you with the storage capacity for up to 135 minutes of HD video. If you record at normal DVD quality, you can store more than 5.5 hours of video. Philips Blu-ray discs are manufactured using a unique Philips-developed process that uses state-of-the-art deep UV mastering equipment to produce stampers used for injection moulding of the BD discs. Philips controls every aspect of the complete manufacturing process under one roof. The result is excellent reproducibility and quality. The discs are rewritable. The recording layers are made from highly stable inorganic layers that are unaffected by exposure to light, ensuring the longevity of the disc.