YONTEX Battery Model iP (for YH5G)

YONTEX Battery Model iP (for YH5G)


  • Brand: YONTEX
  • Color: for YH5G
  • Manufacturer: YONTEX
  • Model: YH-BT-001
  • Weight: 6


  • COMPATIBLE: For APPLE iPhone 5 only(not for iPhone 5S and 5C),works with all iPhone 5 carriers.
  • GREAT QUALITY: Using the brand new, 3.8V, 1440mAh, 0 cycle cell as iphone battery , Make your iphone return to youth!
  • CHEAPER PRICE: Less than 40% of the iPhone battery price.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Don't worry about how to replace, as we provide you complete repair tools and instruction, just only little Technical Knowledge required, you can replace the battery by yourself. [Considering some customers reported that the directions are not big enough to read, we specially made an E-manual which can extend the letters to make it read clearly, if you need, please feel free to contact us].
  • WORRY-FREE WARRANTY:YH Replacement Battery comes with a warranty of 24-Month,and if you are not satisfied with our products in 30 days,we will refund all of your money immediately.Your satisfaction is our mission,therefore no matter what problems you encountered,we will try our best to serve you..[Pleast note:This battery is tested well under strict quality control,,please do not use and contact us if you receive a defective or damage battery,we will try our best to fix any issue.].


YH Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 with RepairTools and Instruction
Starting A New Journey with Your Beloved iPhone Once More.

Have you ever come accross such situations?
-charge many times in one day

-Battery capacity shortage in important moments

-Be affraid of playing games,watching video or listenning music,because battery will run out in short time.

-Capacity drop off 10 % in a few minutes.

-And so on...

All of these situations mean that your iphone battery is no longer durable.


-What should I do!

-I am full of emotion with my iPhone!

-I don't want to buy a new cell phone!

-I need it!

-I like it!

-I can't lose it!

If you don't want to buy a new cell phone,the best way is to replace your iphone battery.
-But,iPhone battery is too expensive!



Don't worry,my dear friend,now you have a good solution to fix it.
What is the solution?
Using YH Replacement Battery!
-Great quality;

-Less than 40% of the iPhone battery.

-0 Cycle,More durable than Other brand.

Moreover,we will provide you with 30 days refund and 24 months old for new service.
Such a better quality,such a cheaper price,such a worry-free warranty,what reasons do you have not to choose YH Replace Battery´╝č

What You Get

-1 Step by Step Instruction Manual
-1 Battery
-1 set of adhesive
-1 metal tweezer
-1 Pentalobe (Five-Star) Screwdriver
-1 Philips Size PH 00 x 40 Screwdriver
-1 big  Plastic Opening Tool
-1 small  Plastic Opening Tool
-1 Suction Cup
-1 sim eject tool