Farpoint 2 inch Desiccant Cap, FP325

Farpoint 2 inch Desiccant Cap, FP325

List Price: $37.95


  • Brand: Farpoint
  • Manufacturer: Farpoint Astro
  • Model: FP325
  • Weight: 50


  • Farpoint 2 inch Desiccant Cap
  • Fits 2" focusers
  • Protects you optics from dew and moisture
  • Includes 5 desiccant gel pouches and rubber cap
  • Made in the USA by Farpoint Astro


Protect your fine optics from excessive moisture / humidity. This cap holds indicating desiccant packs and fits into 2" focusers to keep the inside of your telescope dry. Desiccant refills are available.