Celestron Aux Port Splitter, Black (93919)

Celestron Aux Port Splitter, Black (93919)

List Price: $21.95

Price: $20.73


  • Brand: Celestron
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Celestron Acquisition LLC
  • Model: 93919
  • Weight: 4


  • Create an extra auxiliary port on your Celestron computerized mount with this aux port splitter
  • Two auxiliary ports are required to use Accessories Like the Celestron star sense auto align on telescopes with only one built-in aux port
  • Adapter has two 6-pin auxiliary outputs and one 6-pin input


You can easily add a second auxiliary port to your Celestron mount with the Celestron aux port Splitter. This parallel adapter plugs into the aux or hand controller port of your computerized telescope and splits it into two, allowing you to connect the Celestron star sense auto align, or another peripheral device, to your telescope and still keep the hand controller plugged in.