AquaNation AQ6DEW Dew Cap Replacement (Quality of 6)

AquaNation AQ6DEW Dew Cap Replacement (Quality of 6)

Price: $7.89


  • Brand: AquaNation
  • Manufacturer: AquaNation
  • Model: AQ6DEW


  • Replacement cap for most of 3 & 5 gallon snap top water bottles, pack of 6
  • Light blue cap easy to remove
  • Interior cup assures a seal between bottle & cap, nice and snug
  • It fits both plastic and glass water bottles
  • The perfect solution to transporting water, BPA free, made in USA, sold exclusively by AquaNation llc


This simple but effective item is the heart and soul of keeping your purified water contained. This 55mm crown or Snap-On light blue cap is the industry standard cap for 3 and 5 gallon water bottles. Its standard integrated cup seals both the interior and exterior neck of the bottle. Release tab on the outer edge makes removing the cap a breeze. The cap fits both glass and plastic 3 and 5 gallon bottles with a "crown" or "Snap-On" top. For reference, outside dimension for the bottle opening would be 2.165 inches. If you currently have a snap cap for the bottle the outside dimension of that cap is about 2.75 inches will not fit the screw on type of bottle, BPA free, made in USA.