TopOne Light Meter Tester Measuring Luxmeter with Digital LCD Display for Study Plants Living Room (Range: 0.1~200,000Lux, 0.01~20,000Fc)

TopOne Light Meter Tester Measuring Luxmeter with Digital LCD Display for Study Plants Living Room (Range: 0.1~200,000Lux, 0.01~20,000Fc)
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Product Details

  • Brand: TopOne


  • The lux meter for measuring light levels. It's good for measuring lighting in most situations like living room,school,work space and etc
  • Design: Switchable units (Lux or Fc) and measuring modes (Normal, Average, Max). The light sensor is located at the front of the device, and is protected by a plastic cover from damage during storage. Light meter has a powersaver function which will auto power off after 15 minutes
  • Features: The display of lux meter on the large screen is very easy to read even in dimmer lighting. And a hold function is nice when you need to slip it somewhere that you can't see the display (like near a light fixture)
  • Measuring range are 0.1 to 200,000 Lux and 0.01 to 20,000 Fc. Resolution: 0.1Lux / 0.01Fc, Accuracy:±4%, Measurement speed: 2 times / second
  • Includes everything else you need to get going. Powered by a 9 volt battery (included), operating environment from 14 to 122℉(-10 to 50℃), 10%~90%RH

Digital Lux Meter has wide application, school, office, family, industry, warehouse, laboratory etc. Used to measure the lighting degree of given surface, ie the ratio of surface luminous flux to lighting area.

Display:Large LCD characters display
Range:0.1 to 200000Lux or 0.01 to 20000Fc
Accuracy:+4% to -4%
Measurement speed:2 times/second
Units:Lux or Fc
Auto power off time:After approxi.15 minutes
Power supply:One 9V battery (Included)
Operating environment:14 to 122 Fahrenheit or (-10 to 50 Centigrade), 10% to 90%RH
Product Size:5.71*2.64*1.26in
Product Weight:3.42oz

Package includes:
1 x Digital Lux Meter
1 x 9V battery

Do not place the unit in high temperature or humidity environment. Keep the surface of optical detector clean when in use, make sure the reference level is vertically facing the light source.
When the low battery icon appears on the display, replace the battery as soon as practical.
Please cover the protective cap and store the instrument in a stable, dust-free environment out of direct sunlight when not in use for the life of meter.

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5... I'm starting to do more YouTube reviews on things like flashlights, projectors
By Geeked Out Reviews
I purchased this because I'm starting to do more YouTube reviews on things like flashlights, projectors, and like testing the lux for random things. It was a good price and I thought it would help. Now I haven't done a video with it yet but I will soon to compare some low to high range projectors I've purchased. Anyways, this device works like it should. It has a cover over the sensor of course so it doesn't read anything until you remove. It's fairly accurate and works well to measure the lighting in the room. I will be using this device a lot. This is a very handy device. I really couldn't pass up on the price.

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5Great bargain, good accuracy
By John K.
I use light meters in a professional setting on a regular basis, and also model the performance of lighting systems; so my livelihood depends in part on knowing how to measure light levels. In the work setting, I use a professional grade device, the Extech Model 407026 (link: Extech 407026 Light Meter which costs more than five times as much as this unit. For basic light measurements, this unit (the TopOne luxmeter) delivers identical results (rated to plus or minus four percent). You will also get the ability to hold readings (e.g. to measure light levels in out-of-view locations), min/max measurements, and use either lux or footcandle units. The units have almost identical sampling rates (0.5 seconds per sample for the TopOne, 0.4 seconds per sample for the Extech). The TopOne is also much smaller, small enough to fit in a pocket.

Features the Extech gives you that the TopOne (this product) doesn't have include: Ability to connect to a computer to log measurements, separate sensor for easier positioning, larger sensor area, rugged rubber case, ability to modify the results to account for different light source spectographic emissions, perform relative measurements (by using the zero adjust), average a series of readings, calibrated to a published standard (CIE). You also get a carrying case when you buy the Extech, but would need to supply your own for the TopOne.

The TopOne is rated for a wider range of temperatures than the Extech (both are rated up to 50 Celsius which is good, but the TopOne is rated to -10 C versus 0 C for the Extech).

The TopOne is an impressive bargain for its good accuracy and basic functions. If you don't need the extra functionality of a professional model, you will likely be happy with this unit.

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5The nerd in me loves this
By Devlin Jay
This is something that I've wanted to get for a while but waited for a good deal for one that seemed likely to work well. Luckily, it worked out and I was good on both counts. It's not too expensive and it wasn't too expensive.

LED's are expensive and some claim to have seemingly outrageous brightness (lux and or lumen) ratings. This gives me a good idea as to whether they actually deliver upon their promises. What I've found thus far is that Hue and the bigger brands that work with Alexa and Wink come pretty close to their brightness ratings (albeit you've got to be pretty close to the bulbs to get that rating but it's nice to see). This meter is pretty simple to use, seems precise (I'll try to get an expensive one to use to compare).

This is a good sized meter; meaning it fits in my hand well and it's super easy to work with.


Ease of use


Not many so far although I'm not sure if it would hold up to weather (I.e. Water; or if it would even be fair to ask this of such an inexpensive meter).

Overall, I'm very happy!

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