Olympus MMF-3 4/3 Adapter Ring

Olympus MMF-3 4/3 Adapter Ring


  • Brand: Olympus
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Olympus
  • Model: V3230500W000
  • Weight: 24


  • This dust- and splashproof lens mount adapter
  • AF shooting using Live View is possible with lenses featuring contrast AF compatibility. When a contrast AF incompatible lens is used, the AF assist function engages.
  • Compact and Light


The Olympus MMF-3 Four Thirds Mount Adapter is a dust - and splashproof lens mount adapter makes it possible to mount any existing Four Thirds lens on a Micro Four Thirds standard-compliant digital camera, including Olympus OM-D Series and Olympus PEN Series models. Because of its weathersealing, this adapter is preferable to the earlier MMF-2 and MMF-1 if you will be shooting in inclement or uncertain weather. It is ideal for getting the most value out of your weathersealed and Super High Grade Four Thirds-compliant lenses.