Lee Filters Foundation Kit / Filter Holder

Lee Filters Foundation Kit / Filter Holder

Price: $82.00


  • Brand: Lee Filters
  • Manufacturer: Lee Filters
  • Model: FHFK


  • Filter holder and components to create three filter slots
  • Lee Filters Foundation Kit / Filter Holder


The Lee Filter Holder system is so versatile that is can be fitted to almost any lens on any camera. This means that whether the photographer is using a 35mm, medium, large format or even extreme wide-angle lens, they will always enjoy the performance and benefits the system provides. An adaptor ring that screws onto the front of the lens is the key to the versatility of this system. Once the appropriate sized adaptor is fitted, the rest of the system clips neatly and easily into place. Total flexibility has been designed into the Lee Filter holder system. The foundation kit is at the centre of the Lee Filter holder system and is primarily designed to take standard 100mm filters, although other filter sizes can be adapted to fit. The unit is supplied in component form to allow the photographer to construct a filter holder tailored to his or her individual needs. Once constructed, the holder clips easily onto the adaptor ring and can then be rotated to position filters to the photographer's exact requirements. This also enables optimum use of graduated and special effect filters. This kit contains all the components necessary to construct a versatile holder, capable of holding up to four filters. The photographer can then choose which combinations of filter thickness they want to use by selecting and fitting the appropriate filter guides with the screwdriver provided. Additional guides and screws can be purchased separately